How To Clean Leather WITHOUT Damaging It

by Albert Varkki updated 07-24-2023

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Leather is a fantastic material, but sometimes it gets dirty.

You'll likely want to get cleaning it straight, but certain mistakes may damage it beyond repair.

Read our full guide below on the best way to clean leather without damaging it:

Quick Leather Cleaning Tips

  1. Test Cleaners First: Before using any cleaning product or method on the entire piece of furniture, test it on a tiny, inconspicuous section first. This is done to verify that the product or process will not discolor or harm the leather.
  2. Regular Vacuuming: Use a soft brush attachment to hoover your leather furniture on a regular basis to remove dust and crumbs. This can keep filth from accumulating and becoming embedded in the leather.
  3. Do Not Soak the Leather: Don’t soak the leather when you clean it. It is preferable to use a damp cloth instead of a wet one. Excess water might seep into the leather and ruin it.
  4. Fix Spills Immediately: If there is a spot on the leather, it is critical to clean it right away. If you leave it too late, it will seep into the leather and leave a stain.
  5. Consider Professional Services: Consider calling a professional leather cleaning service for serious stains or general cleaning. They have the necessary tools and skills to clean your leather furniture without causing any harm.
  6. Leather Types: Knowing the type of leather your furniture is made of is vital since different types of leather require extra upkeep. Suede or nubuck leather, for example, requires a different cleaning process than aniline or colored leather.
  7. Avoid Heat and Sun: Avoid placing leather furniture in direct sunlight or near a heat source such as a radiator or fireplace. Over time, this might cause the leather to dry up and fracture.

What Leather Cleaner Should You Use?

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Use a light soap or specialist leather cleaner to clean your leather. Nano Go and TurtleWax are good brands.

Leather is a robust material, but you can harm it if you clean it improperly.

Harsh chemicals, abrasive cleansers, and products containing alcohol or silicone should be avoided since they can dry out and damage the leather.

Instead, use a light soap or a soft leather cleaner.

Regular Cleaning & Conditioning

To keep your leather bags or furniture looking its best, you must clean it on a regular basis.

Dust it with a dry cloth once a month and apply a leather conditioner or comparable leather-cleaning product to maintain leather furniture supple and moisturized.

This will also help avoid stains, cracks, and other discoloration.

We recommend using this Premium Leather Cream, more info in the video below:

Natural Cleaning Methods

  • To clean leather products naturally, combine equal parts white vinegar and warm water into a cleaning solution.
  • This solution is good for removing dirt without damaging the leather.
  • However, avoid getting the leather too wet since this might cause harm.
  • Carefully dry the leather after you’ve cleaned it.

Leather Conditioning

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  • Conditioning the leather after cleaning is critical to maintain it soft and supple.
  • Use a clean cloth to apply a leather conditioner or cream, then buff to a shine.
  • The leather conditioner nourishes the leather and keeps it in good condition, whereas leather cream comes in various colors that help restore the look and luster of different leather colors.
  • Our favorite conditioner is this Premium Leather Cream

Handling Stains

  • Dip a clean, damp washcloth in soapy, warm water and use it to wipe away light stains.
  • A cotton swab bathed in rubbing alcohol can be excellent for removing deeper stains, such as ink.
  • Apply the rubbing alcohol directly to the stain patch in a tiny, circular motion to avoid spreading the stain over more of the leather.

What to Stay Away From

  • Excessive heat or direct sunshine should be avoided when exposing your leather furniture to these conditions, as they can cause the leather to dry out and fracture.
  • Pets should also be kept away from leather furniture since their claws can cause harm.

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Professional Assistance

It is vital to get professional assistance if your leather furniture is sliced or torn.

Cleaning leather is a do-it-yourself project, but repairing it is not.

Also, consult a leather care expert if you cannot remove a stain or the leather is significantly damaged.

Remember that regular care and swift reaction to spills or stains are the keys to maintaining beautiful leather furniture.

Leather furniture can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

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