Best Luxury Travel Gifts & Accessories for Your Favorite Jet-Setter in 2023

by Albert Varkki updated 09-19-2023

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For some, travel isn't just a hobby; it's a way of life.

And so a luxury travel gift will mean the world to them.

If you want to truly wow them, offer them a timeless gift that's personalized, for an extra special touch that they'll cherish forever.

Here are our top picks:

Top High-end Travel Gifts for Him & Her

Luxury Passport Wallet

Travel Organizer Leather Passport Wallet

If your loved one or friend is traveling, they'll often be taking their passport with them, so why not give them a stylish travel wallet that can hold their passport too?

This offers a convenient place to store their passport when traveling through an airport, and helps to keep ID and cash quickly on-hand, without the need for additional wallets.

We like the Travel Organizer, as it's made from luxurious Italian full grain nappa leather, and it can even be personalized with embossed initials, making it a great gift. It also has RFID blocking, protecting their important documents and credit cards.

Stylish Rolling Carry-on Bag

Voyager Leather Carry-On Bag

If your friend is traveling a lot, chances are their carry-on bag is looking worse for wear.

Why not gift them a new, stylish rolling-carry on, such as the Voyager bag.

There are many reasons to love the voyager:

Color OptionsAvailable in Elegant Black, Solid Brown, Classic Tan, and more
Laptop SleeveIncludes a sleeve for up to a 16" laptop
MaterialHandmade from premium vegetable-tanned Italian leather
Convenience FeaturesSmooth-rolling wheels, foldaway telescopic handle with two height settings, and easily accessible pockets
InteriorDurable cotton lining with small slots and an interior zipped pocket
Zipper QualityHigh-quality Japanese YKK zippers
SustainabilityCrafted sustainably with a focus on supporting local communities
Origin CertificateComes with a certificate of leather origin guaranteeing quality and origin
Travel-FriendlyCarry-on compliant with ample space for travel essentials
Additional FeaturesLuggage tag included for easy identification

High-end Garment Duffle Bag

Grand Leather Garment Bag

 If they often travel with a suit or a dress, then choosing a carry-on bag with a built-in garment bag will be the perfect gift.

This saves them having to use a separate garment bag as an additional carry-on.

We love the Grand Garment Bag, as it's made from premium quality full-grain Italian leather, and has a personalization option to engrave it with a special message or the name of the recipient.

Leather Sunglasses Case

Deluxe Leather Glasses Case

If they love traveling to sunny places, changes are they're taking their sunglasses!

But how many times have they left them on the train, or accidentally scratched them with a set of keys?

Give them the gift of a stylish leather sunglasses case, to keep those sunglasses safe and protected at all times.

We love the Deluxe Sunglasses Case, made from the highest quality leather, and personalizable too.

Luxury Weekender Bag


 If they prefer a duffle style travel bag, then why not get them a weekender?

A weekender bag is a traditional travel bag that offers versatility, with a large main compartment to store all your travel essentials.

We recommend the Leather Weekender, which offers a dedicated laptop compartment, a detachable shoulder strap, and a large main compartment.

It's also made from full-grain leather, and handmade in Italy.

Leather Wash Bag

superior leather toiletry bag unisex and personalized

Toiletry bags often look tired after a few years, particularly the cheaper ones, and if your friend or loved one does a lot of traveling.

So gifting a brand new luxury toiletry bag makes an excellent gift for a travel enthusiast.

We love the Superior Leather Wash Bag, with a waterproof lining, full grain leather outer, and a personalization option - it's a great gift.

Professional Personal-Item

Essential Briefcase

If they often travel for business, then looking professional is really important, and that carries forward to their personal item.

Opt for a laptop bag or briefcase made from real leather, as it will age well, and gives that professional appearance they will love.

We recommend the Essential Modern Briefcase, which has two large compartments for storing in-flight essentials, as well as additional pockets for storing items you need to access quickly (like travel wallets).


man checking into hotel with weekender bag

From the golden days of luxury train and steamship travel, incorporating beautiful items into the travel experience has turned a burdensome trip into an amazing adventure.

Help a friend or loved one enjoy the finer things on their way to a fine destination.

Here are a few of the benefits of owning luxury travel items.

Personal Usage & Adaptability

Wherever you go, a luxury travel item brings a touch of opulence, sophistication, and charm to each passing moment. Your travel routines may even become treasured moments.

Versatile Applications

From the sleep-enhancing powers of a silk eye mask to clear, crisp favorites played through high-end headphones, cutting away the din of those around, to the simple pleasure of a sip from an exquisite travel flask, these little items can change the whole mood of a moment.

Ideal for Special Occasions

Whether giving the gift in preparation for a honeymoon, an anniversary trip, a business journey, or in anticipation of as-yet-unknown adventures, these items evoke smiles of anticipation for what may be right around the next bend.

Compatibility with Elite Brands

Upscale travel items complement and elevate other upscale items, fitting in perfectly with fine clothing, jewelry and other high-end travel items. Technology is compatible, reliable, and usually quite intuitive, too.

Distinctive Statement

High-end items go beyond their impressive functionality too, evoking images of traditional Victorian explorers, or tech-savvy world travelers, or roaming socialites out to do the Grand Tour. They are a powerful symbol of sophistication and style, perhaps even prompting higher connections when abroad.

Timeless Investment

High-quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design ensure that the power of these items lasts well beyond the lifespan of lesser gifts. They are highly prized accents to elegant travel, and owners cherish them for year after year of regular use.

Perfect for Gifting

As a gesture of appreciation, encouragement, love or compensation, these items are the perfect gift for the person on the move.

When things become heavy or hard to press through, one of these simple items gives just the needed boost. If all is going well, they elevate the moment to one of peace and contentment.

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How to Choose

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You’ll want to consider several considerations before choosing the gift to ensure that it is the best fit possible for your intended recipient. With these recommendations and tips, you should successfully select a functional, beautiful, and soon-to-be-cherished gift.


If rest and rejuvenation are high for the traveler, consider luxury eye masks, noise-canceling headphones, or cashmere travel sets.

Deluxe passport holders keep everything organized, designer toiletry bags turn even airplane facilities into a decent place to reset your look, and premium luggage tags can get the traveler out of the airport faster – and with the correct bags!

Material Quality


Look for items made from high-quality leather, stainless steel, or reinforced fibers. They will last longer, and look better while they age. Vegetable-tanned, full-grain leather will even get better looking as it gains the patina of experience.

Comfort and Aesthetics

Cashmere, silk, and premium cotton will be cozy, light, and encouraging to the traveler. Polished wood, genuine leather, and high-end hardware will look great and hold up to the occasional knocks and bumps experienced during a journey.

A special travel tip is to include something made of a natural material like jade. A jade facial roller, for example, will soothe the skin and may even draw the mind away from the over-engineered world into one of tranquility.

Odor-Resistant Opulence

You don’t want your giftee to be that traveler with the body odor or smelly luggage. Instead, gift them with high-end travel gear that is odor-resistant, like merino wool for that classic look, or high-tech fabrics for something ultra-modern.

Brand Reputation

Renowned names have a reputation of high quality and elegant style. They make an initial stamen to others, but they also carry the peace of mind of excellent guarantees and customer service.

On the other hand, boutique brands can come at a lower price point and carry the same level of quality. Your giftee might even appreciate the niche aspect, being in on a lesser-known hidden gem.


It’s a travel gift, so of course it needs to be portable, but some items are even better than others at hiding away and not overburdening the carrier. Look for products that fold away easily, that are sturdy but lightweight.

Aesthetic Appeal

The appearance of travel items can be categorized into three main groups. Classic, for the traveler who appreciates the traditional look, modern, for those who prefer something super current, and the unique, for those who want to get that second glance on an unusual item, color, or style.

Functionality & Tech Features:

Look for items with added features, like intuitive tech, smart tech, extra pockets, waterproofing, shock-proofing, personalization, security features, and more.


Solar powered chargers, organic fabrics, and other eco-friendly features are also a great idea. It adds a layer of social consciousness onto an already excellent gift.

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Luggage, obviously, is a major gift category you’ll want to consider. Not only does everyone need some luggage to travel, but the subcategories and differences in quality make this category a rich place to seek out that perfect gift.

Let’s have a look at some of the options.

All of these can be found in high-end versions that make an excellent first impression, while doing an excellent job at the primary function of carrying the traveler’s items.


Weekenders are made for short trips and getaways. They are designed for typical loads for two or three days away. They are portable, flexible, and easy to pack.


Duffels are made in the shape of a cylinder laid on its side, with an opening in the top (the long, upper side). They are easy to stuff into car trunks or airplane overheads, but do not offer much structural protection for items inside.

Though they are available in high-end fabrics and designs, duffels are usually used for casual travel or leisure activities, this bag is a rough and tumble choice for those with soft, or super-durable items to carry.

Rolling Suitcases

Gliding through airports since the early 1970s, these cases take the load off of the traveler’s shoulders and even serve as convenient places to rest a cup of coffee while waiting to board a flight or train. They are most often hard-shell designs, giving added shock protection to items stowed inside.

They are by far the most common choice for most frequent travelers, and come in high-end designs and finishes.

Travel Totes

A larger cousin to the usual tote, travel totes offer easy access to belongings and compress down to a small size when not full.

Travel Wallets & Organizers

A great way to organize travel documents and to keep important papers and cards in one place, the travel wallet can give you peace of mind and smoother transitions through airport security and boarding gates. Some designs include RFID-blocking and other advanced features.

Garment Bags

A good garment bag is a must to keep your clothing wrinkle-free and ready for action. These bags are available in soft or hard shell versions (the former being much more common) and feature shoe compartments.

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Still thinking of something different? Consider these popular choices and some alternatives you might want to choose instead.

Luxury Luggage

Choose a high-quality backpack or duffel bag as an alternative to something fancy. These are versatile and better suit the traveler.

Travel Jewelry Organizer

To save space and keep the weight down, consider a travel pouch or roll to keep jewelry and valuables safe and organized.

Premium Noise-Canceling Headphones

If the priority is light weight, earplugs or a more basic headphone or earbud might be a better choice.

Luxurious Travel Pillow

Inflatable pillows are available, offer a little less in the comfort department, but they deflate and fold away to a very small size, and weigh very little.

Premium Travel Skincare Set

A toiletries organizer with empty bottles will provide the same great organization and travel-size liquids, but comes at a fraction of the cost of a ready-filled kit.

Deluxe Travel Journal

Paper and leather books can seem unnecessary when traveling, so why choose a digital travel diary app instead?

Tucked weightlessly into your phone or tablet, along with digital books, maps, and all manner of other ways to pass the time, be productive, and stay in touch, the digital option is a popular one for travelers.

Premium Leather Passport Holder

If leather isn’t ideal for a particular giftee, why not find a passport holder made from recycled or low-impact materials? These cases make a statement of their own, and are often very light.

Luxe Sleep Mask

Lux sleep masks are excellent at what they do, but a basic cloth mask is still a great improvement over nothing at all. It is a simple solution, at a modest price point.

High-End Travel Tech Gadgets

Leverage the tech you already have – most notably your phone – to choose key apps and features that make travel easier, more enjoyable, and possibly even safer. Your phone can be your camera, notebook, map, translator, novel, emailer, and even… a phone!

Post Purchase Considerations

At Von Baer, we want your whole shopping experience to be a pleasure. We are confident in the items we sell and want you to be just as confident when you buy them, so we’ve put together this list of questions and considerations to assist in the whole process, from initial visit to purchase and beyond.

Appropriateness of the Gift

Does the gift suit the style of the traveler? A high-end bag for a backpacker wouldn’t be a good fit; nor would a hardy duffel for an executive business traveler.

Size and Portability

Is it as small as possible, while still being able to hold all of the essentials the traveler will want to carry? Different people carry different amounts of luggage for the same situation, so you should get a good idea of what the giftee normally carries before choosing a bag to replace it.

Durability and Longevity

A high-end item will cost more than lesser options, but because it will last longer, and function better, it is a much better value over time. Make sure the giftee knows how to treat and maintain the bag properly.

Consider including some leather conditioner or cleaner with the initial gift, to ensure that it stays beautiful.

Customs and International Regulations

Can this item be carried on flights or across borders as it is? For example, some toiletries or grooming kits are not allowed on aircraft due to scissors, liquids, and tweezers.


What defines a 'luxury' travel gift?

A luxury gift is a high-end experience or item. Items are made of premium materials by skilled craftspeople or refined processes. They often come with enhanced features or high brand reputation.

Are these gifts suitable for all types of travelers?

Our items are crafted to a high standard, and we carry a wide range of types, designs, and styles, so you will be able to find something that best-suits the recipient.

Are there any considerations for airport security with these gifts?

Items that include electronic components, liquids, or other materials of concern, might trigger added attention at an airport security checkpoint. It is always best to check with airlines if you are unsure about a particular item or substance.


We hope you enjoyed our article on luxury travel gifts.

If you have any questions or comments, contact us at, or leave them in the comments.

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