How to Clean a Suede Leather Bag

by Albert Varkki updated 08-03-2023

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How to Clean a Suede Leather Bag

Have a bad stain on your suede leather bag?

Don't fret!

In this article, we’re going to quickly explain how to clean your suede bag in 5 simple steps.

Unlike typical leathers, suede is far more fragile and easy to ruin.

Try these steps before you decide to throw any suede items away!

1. Remove excess dirt

Use a clean, dry cloth to remove any excess dirt sitting on the surface of the leather. Don't rub too hard as this is one of the most common ways that people can destroy their suede. When removing stains from this material, you have to be as gentle as you can to ensure the tiny fibers that make up the lush surface stay free from excessive force.

2. Use a brush for hard dirt

You can buy special brushes from leather stores that are specially designed to help remove hardened dirt stains from suede. You can't use a normal brush because it’s hairs will be too hard and will be too robust for the leather. You’ll want to brush in one direction back and forth. Don't brush in circles!

3. Apply a simple cleaning solution

Two of the best homemade suede bag cleaning solutions are plain white vinegar or rubbing alcohol. These fluids don't leave marks on suede like water would, so they are great for clearing away stains that have set in. Rub them in with a clean cloth and then let the item rest until the surface is completely dry.

4. Brush the suede up again

Once the leather is completely dry, grab your special suede brush and give the surface a good brush up. You should notice far more of the dirt coming off the surface as you brush away at it.

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5. Rub in conditioner (optional)

If you want your suede leather to return to the best condition possible, you can rub in some suede conditioner.

Only use products from a reliable leather store to ensure maximum results.

That’s it!

We hope this quick guide on how to clean a suede purse has helped!

With this simple process, you’ll be able to keep your suede gear looking better for longer!

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