Men's Leather Messenger Bags

Our bestselling leather messenger bags are built from the finest materials and designed to last when used daily. Invest in quality.

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Here you can see more information on the types of bags we stock:

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Laptop Messenger Bags

Carry and protect your laptop in style with a tasteful laptop messenger bag. These bags are professional looking and highly functional. These are ideal for 15 inch laptops, for a Macbook, or even a Surface Pro 4.

These are ideal as a men's leather professional bag for work, because you can commute into the office with your laptop in hand, whilst still looking stylish.

Shop our full range of laptop messenger bags here.

Messenger Bags for School/College

A durable and versatile messenger bag for school is the perfect thing to provide easy access to all of your supplies, whether its workout gear or a laptop.

Shop all messenger bags for school here.

Shop all messenger bags for college here.

Messenger Backpacks

A messenger backpack is roomy enough to fit all of your schoolbooks, pens, pencils and loose papers These backpacks come with handy zippered compartments to ensure all of your supplies stay neat and organized.

Shoulder Briefcases

A handsomely crafted shoulder briefcase with stylish shoulder straps is exactly what you need to transport all of your work materials to and from the office, looking stylish while you do it.

You can shop leather briefcase messenger bags here.

You can shop all men's shoulder bags here.

Small Messenger Bags

We have a great range of smaller messenger bags that are ideal when you want a lightweight bag to use while traveling.

We also have a slim messenger bag range for when you're keeping a lower profile.

Satchel Messenger Bags

A stachel bag is a traditional bag that has a flap over the open compartment that's attached closed with buckles or fasteners.

We have a range of leather satchel messenger bags here, that are designed with this traditional style in mind.

Full Grain Leather Messenger Bags – Handmade by Our Expert Designers

It would be difficult to find a higher quality, more durable bag than our designer leather messenger bags. These bags provide functionality and beautiful craftsmanship. They are handcrafted in Italy with the highest quality leather. Our artisan-crafted bags look sleek and stylish and feel so luxurious there will be no doubt that they are made from genuine leather.

Our leather is available in black, dark brown, and tan (with some products also having red leather options).

What is a Messenger Bag?

A messenger bag is a cross between a briefcase and a backpack. They provide a stylish way to carry all of your important items. These satchels often provide easy accessibility and can be made from cloth, leather or nylon. A messenger bag has a shoulder strap that is meant to go across the chest. Messenger bags are extremely versatile and can be used for work, school or a weekend getaway.

Some types of messenger bags are known as carryalls, and they offer a professional look whilst still being practical.

The main compartment can be used to carry all your essentials like cell phone, iPad/tablet, laptop/macbook, business cards, and other gadgets. There are also interior pockets to carry smaller accessories.

Some may also know them as a leather satchel.

How do Men Wear Their Messenger Bags?

Men usually wear their messenger bags crossbody and around the hip level so it doesn’t get in the way when they are walking. If you wear it across the back, it should sit low, not up high like a backpack. Couriers often use these types of bags because they are so easy to carry while walking or even cycling.

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