Slim Briefcases

A slim briefcase helps you carry your work essentials without weighing you down. Von Baer briefcases are made from premium quality full grain leather, handmade in studios in Florence, Italy.

What is a Slim Briefcase?

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Most of us remember our fathers or grandfathers, or men of their generations, carrying around a boxy, square, suitcase of a thing, back and forth to work. In it was locked away their files and stationery and calculators and whatever other tools that were essential to getting a little work done when away from the office. 

But for today's commuters, most of those essentials are contained in the slim slab of a laptop, with perhaps a few papers or tiny essentials alongside it. So why carry the same large briefcases? 

And why not a laptop bag? Most laptop bags are far from stylish, and don’t send the right message for a successful, rising executive.

Enter the slim briefcase. 

The slim briefcase is a way to carry your essentials with you, without being weighed down by a larger case, and while still projecting an air of success and style. Quality, full-grain leather, top-notch design, and the added status of being a handmade item, makes the slim briefcase the perfect choice.

Styles vary from rustic and rugged chic, to elegant black, messenger bag, to zipper-top, and modern to classic. Choose from black, solid brown, dark brown, or cognac. The varied choices, each with the same high standard of detail and quality, means that there is a slim briefcase out there that is the perfect match for you.

FAQs on Slim Briefcases

When should you choose a slim briefcase?

Choose a slim briefcase when you have some essentials to move around – like a laptop and a few documents – but not a huge amount of gear, like art supplies or drafting tools or multiple electronic components. There should be one or two main compartments, and one or more smaller pockets for miscellaneous items (like an iPad or other tablet, e-reader, cell phone, or even something as simple as a pen). 

Protect your hardware with any number of cases or bags - but when you want to do it with classic elegance, a slim leather briefcase is a clear front runner.

How much do your slim briefcases cost?

Our cases cost from $335 (£239) to $450 (£317), with some extra features available at a small additional charge, such as laser engraving and gift wrapping.

What is the best slim briefcase?

Based on consumer reviews, the CITY is the current top-runner at $410 (£291). Handmade in Italy using premium full grain calfskin, with a spacious design and durable cotton inner lining, an adjustable shoulder strap and high-grade YKK zippers, this case looks great and functions exceptionally well.

The rounded carrying handles – though not exclusive to this case – are a nice, comfortable touch.

Are your slim briefcases made from leather?

Yes. Our slim briefcases are made from premium Italian leather, vegetable-tanned for the highest levels of durability, look, and feel.

What are the best alternatives to a slim briefcase?

If style is not a factor, a standard computer bag is of a similar size and will hold the same items. Canvas or nylon bags are most common and provide similar storage. Some will even use a small backpack. `some simply carry laptops in laptop sleeves without a case.

Can a slim briefcase hold a laptop?

Most slim brief cases can hold up to a 15.6-inch MacBook Pro or a similar laptop in the main compartment, even if it is in a protective laptop sleeve.

Why choose a slim briefcase from Von Baer?

The two largest factors in favor of Von Baer briefcases are clear: Quality and style. They will last you a lifetime while turning heads in the boardroom.  What better way to show your personal style and clear appreciation for quality, than with the perfect case?

The brand uses premium Italian full-grain leather in all of their cases, durable cotton lining and heavy duty YKK zippers. They are handcrafted by artisan case makers in Florence Italy too, so no structural or quality errors make it through production like they might with a machine-made item. 

These are old-school quality items, with a stylish, modern functional design.

You really can’t go wrong.

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