How to Remove Water Stains From Leather (5 Easy Tips)

by Albert Varkki updated 08-03-2023

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How To Remove Water Stains From Leather

Watermarks and old stains can ruin shoes, leather briefcases, purses, car seats and any other of your favorite leather accessories. In this short post, we’re going to go over the steps you can take to remove these stains yourself without the need for a professional clean. Whether your leather is tan, black or brown, follow these directions patiently to get water stains out and return your leather surface back to presentable condition.

  1. Try To Wipe Water From The Surface Right Away

The longer water sits on the leather, the more damage it will cause. So If you can, always try to wipe as much of the spill away as soon as possible!

  1. Grab A Clean Cloth And Dampen It

The softer the cloth the better. You need to dampen it so that it does not drip with water but is certainly not dry. It is best to use water that is room temperature or slightly warmer as opposed to water straight from the tap that is likely to be too cold. Avoid adding soap or any other impurities.

  1. Rub In A Circular Motion

Start at the center of the stain and gently wipe outward. You don't want to rub too harshly or you may damage the leather. The idea is to gently moisten the area of the stain while brushing outward to collect as much of the matter from the stain as possible.

  1. Let The Leather Dry Slowly

If you think the area has become too wet, try to dry excess away with a clean dry cloth. You should let the damp leather dry without rubbing it too much. Never force the leather to dry too quickly with hot air, direct sunlight or machinery.

  1. Apply A Leather Cream

Once it is dry, apply leather cream to help restore and waterproof the leather. Rub the cream in using a light circular motion.

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