Briefcase Backpacks

When you need the practicality of a backpack, but the professional look of a briefcase, then you need a briefcase backpack. These bags are the perfect compromise, offering a professional appearance, and made from premium quality full grain leather, handmade in Florence, Italy. Personalize them with a monogram of your choice.


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Leather Briefcase Backpacks

Unlike some backpacks that can look cheap or unprofessional, a leather briefcase backpack is ideally suited for the boardroom, while keeping the practicality of a backpack.

Leather has a much more professional appeal than fabric or canvas, matching the appearance of a traditional leather briefcase. We only use full-grain leather, vegetable-tanned for the highest quality finish possible, as well as high-quality zippers and hardware.

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Convertible Briefcase Backpacks

 For when you want a backpack during commuting, but a briefcase in the office, we have the 10X convertible briefcase backpack. This is ideal for those who have a long commute, and have plenty to carry into the office. You can the practicality of a backpack with two shoulder straps, while being able to convert it into either a messenger bag or a briefcase,

Laptop Backpacks

A laptop backpack is ideal when you need to take a laptop to school or the office. It has a laptop compartment (the main compartment) which has a soft lining to stop your tech from being scratched. This can also be used as a tablet pocket. It has plenty of room for cables, chargers, notebooks, pens, wallets, iPads, and other tech. Many of them also have small pockets that are more accessible on the outside.

Briefcase Bookbags

These professional style briefcase book bags are ideal for college, helping you to avoid an overly casual look, and remain stylish while learning. They're a great way to improve your style, without doing anything too flashy.

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