Your leather bag might be your favourite thing in the world.

You may take it everywhere with you, and use it everyday, but even if it’s made of quality leather it will eventually lose its shape and need to be reformed.

But how do you do it?

Are there different techniques for different types of bags?

Read on to find out.

The Best Way to Reform a Leather Bag

  1. You need to give the bag its structure back, and that involves some care and attention.
  2. You need to stuff your bag full of crumpled up newspapers, and store it in a warm place (such as a conservatory or car boot).
  3. This should be done with both structured and unstructured bags, and you should store them like this for every bag when not in use.
  4. You can alternatively purchase a "bag shaper" which has the same outcome of keeping your bag upright and filled out.
  5. Another great tip is to cut out some hard plastic, and push it into the lining of your bag, for more info on that see this article:

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