Women’s Leather Shoulder Bags

Our range of leather shoulder bags combines timeless design with modern-day functionality for a contemporary woman. Designed for busy days when everything needs to fit.

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Here is some more information on the different types of messenger bags we stock:

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Women's Laptop Messenger Bags

A crossbody laptop messenger bag provides a sleek and sophisticated way to carry and protect your laptop and documents.

Women's Messenger Backpacks

These adorable and easy to carry backpacks are versatile and roomy enough to fit all of your must-haves.

Women's Messenger Bags for School/College

You can’t go wrong with a messenger bag for school. These crossbody satchels are functional and tasteful with enough room and zippered pockets to fit your laptop and all of your school supplies.

Women's Shoulder Briefcases

Get a leather briefcase with a sleek, timeless design that is also easy to carry. These bags are classy and professional looking.

Small Messenger Bags

A small messenger bag is a must-have for every woman! The perfect size for your iPad and cell phone, or for those days when you just need the essentials, these shoulder bags are cute and functional.

Full Grain Leather Messenger Bags – Handmade from Designers Von Baer

Carry your essential gear in a durable and stylish full-grain leather messenger bag.  Our bags are beautiful and professional-looking, handcrafted in Italy using only premium leather. Your belongings have never been so well protected. 

Our luxurious leather is available in black, dark brown, and tan (with some products also having red leather options).

What is a Messenger Bag?

A messenger bag is a type of crossbody bag. These unisex totes are roomy and often contain interior pockets. These functional and savvy bags are usually worn over one shoulder. The adjustable shoulder strap goes across the chest and the bag rests around hip level. 

People use them to carry all of their essentials when out and about, including tablets, cell phones, chargers, and laptops/macbooks.

How to Style Your Messenger Bag

A messenger bag is highly versatile. The bag can be carried by the handles, similar to a traditional briefcase or worn crossbody. 

  1. The shoulder strap should fit snugly to the body when wearing the bag crossbody so it doesn't get in the way when you are moving around.
  2. The shoulder strap is removable, if you choose to carry the bag by the handles take the shoulder strap off so it doesn't flap around.

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