Luxury Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything

by Albert Varkki updated 09-19-2023

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It's not easy to find a gift that both parts of a couple will enjoy, particularly if you're looking for something luxurious and unique.

If this couple has quite literally everything they need or want, it makes it 10x harder.

Our advice is to choose a gift that's personalized, and made from timeless materials, as it will be unique, special, and valued by the couple receiving it.

Browse our top picks below:

High-End Personalized Gifts That Couples Will Love

Matching Personalized Luggage

couple walking through airport with carry-on bag

Luggage and carry-on bags naturally wear out over time, so it's highly likely that your target couple will appreciate a new set.

You can make the gift super cute by personalizing the bags with unique messages for each of them, and they'll look fantastic next time they're walking through an airport together.

Here are our top picks for luxurious personalized luggage:

Best Personalized Rolling Carry-on Bag: Voyager

Voyager Leather Carry-On Bag

A high-end carry-on bag made from the finest quality leather, available in a range of colors, and can be personalized with a laser engraving.

Stand-out features:

Color OptionsAvailable in Elegant Black, Solid Brown, Classic Tan, and more
Laptop SleeveIncludes a sleeve for up to a 16" laptop
MaterialHandmade from premium vegetable-tanned Italian full grain leather
Convenience FeaturesSmooth-rolling wheels, foldaway telescopic handle with two height settings, and easily accessible pockets
InteriorDurable cotton lining with small slots and an interior zipped pocket
Zipper QualityHigh-quality Japanese YKK zippers
SustainabilityCrafted sustainably with a focus on supporting local communities
Origin CertificateComes with a certificate of leather origin guaranteeing quality and origin
Travel-FriendlyCarry-on compliant with ample space for travel essentials
Additional Features

Luggage tag included for easy identification

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Best Personalized Duffel Style Bag: Weekender


A classic hold all made from luxurious full grain leather, handmade in Italy, and the option of a laser engraving to make it extra special.

Stand-out features:

MaterialCertified Italian vegetable-tanned full grain leather
DesignSpacious design perfect for gym and travel with a dedicated sleeve for up to a 16" laptop
InteriorDurable cotton lining with compartments for organization
ZipperJapanese YKK zipper for reliable access
ComplianceMeets airline size standards for carry-on luggage
CraftsmanshipHandcrafted in Florence, Italy by experienced craftsmen
Additional FeaturesAdjustable and removable leather shoulder strap, studs on the base for protection, solid brass hardware
PersonalizedOption for custom laser engraving
Use CasesTravel, gym, sports, weekend getaways
SustainabilitySupports local communities and eco-friendly practices

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Matching Personalized Wallets/Purses

w2 personalized leather wallet von baer

Another item that gets a lot of wear and tear is a wallet or purse, and so buying matching replacements of these will almost always go down well.

Our favorite is the W2 Leather Wallet (pictured above), available in for him and for her versions - which can both be personalized with a laser engraving.

It's made from certified full grain Italian nappa leather, the best you can buy.

Matching Personalized Work Bags

couple with matching work bags

Is this couple a high-flying, work-orientated duo? Then consider purchasing matching leather work bags!

We recommend choosing full grain leather, as it ages better than other materials, and looks very professional.

Add a personalized message for an extra special touch.

We've highlighted two of our favorites below:

CITY Laptop Bag:

City Laptop Bag

Elegant Slim Briefcase:

Elegant Briefcase

Matching Personalized Backpacks

couple with matching leather backpacks

If you know this couple tends to wear less than fashionable backpacks, consider upgrading them to a pair of leather backpacks.

Choosing full grain leather ensures that they will last a lifetime, and develop a unique patina that makes them more appealing every year.

Buy backpacks that can be personalized with custom messages for him and for her.

We've highlighted two of our favorites below:

Prime Leather Backpack:

Prime Backpack

10X Convertible Backpack:

10X Laptop Travel Bag

Couples Weekend Away

couple enjoying a weekend away by a lake

 If you're struggling with physical gift ideas, then why not buy the couple a weekend away?

It could be a romantic getaway by a lake, or involve lots of activities (like hiking in the mountains).

Upgrade them with extras to make it even more special, such as a bottle of champagne on arrival.

Vouchers To Their Favorite Restaurant

couples enjoying restaurant gift

 If you know them well enough to know where they like to eat, then you could buy them a voucher for their favorite restaurant.

Add a touch of luxury to the experience, by choosing somewhere that offers multiple courses, and get them champagne on arrival to really make an impression.

Personal Chef Evening

couple with private chef in kitchen

Another great experience for couples is to be cooked for by a private chef.

You can either book it directly as a surprise, or buy the voucher for them to redeem on a date that's convenient for them.

This allows them to experience restaurant quality food in the comfort of their own home, a truly luxurious experience.


couple receiving luxury gift at a wedding

Memorable Experiences

Give unique experiences and memories to treasure for a lifetime. Whether it’s a gourmet meal or a day at the spa, the experience will mark a great day in the memories of both partners.

Versatility in Use

It doesn’t matter what their situation or lifestyle is, there is a gift that can suit it. From cozy nights in, to romantic weekend getaways, these activities can adapt to any needs or budgets.

Enhanced Bonding

With activities designed to require teamwork, collaboration, or simple mutual appreciation, the time together will become less about the gift, and more about each other.

Appropriate for Multiple Occasion

These gifts are suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or other milestones.

Tailored for Two

Each item has been designed with couples in mind. Whether it is a duo massage kit, a pair of personalized wine glasses, or some time away together, both partners will be able to enjoy it.

Showcases Thoughtfulness

Giving the gift of a luxury item, especially one that fosters a deeper relationship, will not only show your refined taste, it will also show the couple (or your own partner) how important they are to you.

Quality Assurance

Superior quality and craftsmanship are an expected part of a luxury gift, and the ones we’ve chosen deliver both to a high degree.

Conversation Starters

The unique designs and features of these gifts can trigger spontaneous conversations, evoking great memories even while they add sparkle and content to later conversations.

Exclusive Access

Some of these luxury gifts open couples up to unique worlds, such as exclusive events, added experiences, workshops, or access to exclusive clubs.

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How to Choose

couple receiving special gift for a birthday

Choosing the right gift sometimes seems daunting, but we’ve made it easier – even enjoyable – by including these helpful tips. 

Purpose of the Gift

The reason you’re giving the gift can be a great guide to the type of gift to choose.


Anniversaries are nicely marked with timeless items like personalized keepsakes or timeless jewelry – these can also be handed down to children and grandchildren down the generations.


Think of high-end kitchen gadgets, tools, appliances or décor. Even flowers, to bring a pleasant scent to the place, are an excellent gift – maybe pair this with a luxury vase.


Gourmet hampers are a great way to mark engagements, birthdays, or luxury experiences. They are portable, can be enjoyed by many people at once, and since they are consumable, they don’t require any long-term space to display or store them.

Hobbies & Interests

Consider who you are buying for. What do they like to do? Is there something they want to do, but haven’t yet? Can they combine their different hobbies? Even a small luxury item, if it pertains to one of these interests, can be a great inspiration to engage in hobbies or interests.

Fashion Sense

If you know their styles well, designer accessories or apparel is a good choice, but even if you don’t, or they are very particular about their décor, you have choices. Consider luxury linens or gift cards to a high-end store.

Experience vs. Tangible Gifts

Experiences can have some advantages over tangible gifts, as they become events in themselves, potentially generating photos and keepsakes along with the memories.

Tangible gifts, however, can sit as regular reminders that you care, and don’t conflict with schedules, work, or other commitments.


Engraving their names on an item is one way to personalize a gift, but not the only way. Consider a custom-made gift, a curated basket of gourmet goodies, or something that speaks to their culture or historical background.

Durability and Longevity

To maximize durability, choose a gift that is made to last for years or decades, and include any maintenance items it might need (such as a metal polish or leather conditioner).

Investment pieces are those that are likely to appreciate over time. Some art pieces, antiques, or jewelry are examples of investment pieces.

Cultural and Ethical Considerations

Certain gifts are not appropriate within certain cultures, and other ones are very welcome and powerful – if you aren’t sure, best to get some good advice, or steer clear.

Choosing a gift that is sustainable and ethically sourced, however, is a good idea. It won’t offend anyone and will make sure to please others with the same considerations and concerns.


If you have a large budget, consider a high-end gift like a luxury cruise or major designer item. There are mid-range luxury items too, like high-quality leather goods. Lower range budgets can access luxury items too; consider a box of gourmet chocolates, a cheese collection, or a premium wallet.

Packaging and Presentation

Luxurious gifts begin with beautiful presentation. Anticipation, the unboxing experience, and then the revelation of the gift item itself all make up part of the luxury gift pathway. A heartfelt note, included with the gift, rounds off the whole experience.


Add to the special feeling of the gift by making it rare or unique. A limited addition, a bespoke service, an intriguing origin story, or some hidden feature that sets it apart from other, similar items, will elevate the gift from the ordinary to the noteworthy and memorable.

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couple receiving special gift in a bar

Celebrate the bond between two people with the timeless gesture of a luxury gift. Luxury gifts come in many shapes and sizes, but you can zero in on the right gift by first considering a few of the general types and subtypes.

Experiential Getaways

Giving the gift of lifelong memories, experiential getaways focus on activities, rather than physical items.

From tropical cruises of various lengths to spa retreats and gourmet meals out, there is a romantic experience waiting for your special couple. It goes beyond the experience; it builds bonds within the couple.

Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry may be a stock design with an engraving on it, or a custom design incorporating initials, significant dates, or other custom image. Consider a pair of necklaces, watches, rings, or other items.

Artisanal Homeware

Handcrafted by skilled artisans, the handcrafted pieces add a sense of history, legacy, and depth to home décor. Consider a handmade ceramic dinner set, serving set, or a mortar and pestle.

Gourmet Hampers

Allow an expert to curate and collect a basket of the finest ingredients and treats. These baskets have themes, such as gourmet cooking, chocolates, cheeses, fruit and cheese, charcuterie, breads, sweet treats, or a particular country or region.

Choose one that best suits the couple, and give them a culinary experience to remember.

Tech Gadgets for Duo

If the couple is tech savvy and on the go, try something like synched smartwatches that help them share and encourage each other in fitness or health goals.

Designer Fashion Pieces

Limited addition designer sunglasses, bracelets, or wallets can match the style of each member of the couple, while showing solidarity and connection through brand and overall look.


When looking for gifts that include touches of sophistication, elegance, and luxury, don’t get stuck within the usual boundaries. Beyond the first thought, more choices abound.

Celebratory Occasions

Your first thought might be cufflinks, a necklace, or a tie clip and a broach, but consider a slight alteration that will result in the couple wearing the items more often than on special occasions alone.

A set of designer watches can mark their personal status and style, mark them as a couple, and be worn daily as a reminder of that special event.

Home Enhancements

Instead of choosing artwork, which can be tricky to choose accurately, why not opt instead for a high-end home appliance. A bread or ice cream maker, an espresso machine, high-end mixer, or other similar item can turn a kitchen into a hub of culinary delight.

For an experiential element, add some recipes from your family history and suggest they try making them together.

Travel & Experiences

A luxurious weekend getaway is a nice choice, but why not try a different experience in lieu of the weekend away or as part of it.

Private cooking or art classes, specialist yoga sessions, or a masterclass with a specialist in some area of shared interest can elevate your gift into an inspirational and restful experience.

Wellness & Relaxation

A spa retreat is a nice choice for those who want to, and are able to, get away for a day or more, but if the couple can’t do that, why not bring the spa to them?

A home relaxation kit, home-visit couple’s massage, perhaps combined with order-in food and a classic movie afterward, can turn home into a real getaway.

Fashion & Apparel

If you like the idea of giving designer fashions to the couple, consider something a bit more unique. Bespoke tailored suits and/or dresses can be found from local designers and tailors.

These are often a fraction of the cost, with the added benefit of having a tailor-perfect fit.

Tech & Gadgets

A high-end speaker set might come to mind if the couple loves music. Consider a smart home system with voice control and other smart features.

Post Purchase Considerations

The fun and anticipation of buying a gift can sometimes be tainted by a bit of apprehension.

To help you avoid that negative feeling, we at Von Baer have compiled a list of some of the concerns and recommendations pertaining to your shopping experience.

Finding a Gift that Appeals to Both Partners

If one partner loves techy items and the other loves classic styles and antiques, consider a high-end sound system in a vintage shell, or leather-covered headphones. By blending the styles of each partner, your gift will demonstrate why they, too, go so well together.

Ensuring the Quality Matches the Price Tag

Inspect items closely to make sure the quality is there to match the price tag. Both materials and craftsmanship should match the price tag.

At Von Baer, we carefully inspect each item for quality control, and opt for brands and suppliers that value quality and authenticity.

Personalization Challenges

If you are investing in designer watches for the couple, make sure they can be personalized. It is a small added expense for a high-impact addition. At Von Baer, many of our luxury items can be tailored to particular recipients.

Gift Suitability Based on Relationship Milestones

Don’t go overboard with your gift giving, and don’t aim too low either. A home appliance for a newly-dating couple might add more pressure than pleasure. Experiential items are better for newer couples, as these build bonds and don’t leave items behind if the relationship doesn’t take hold.

If it is a long-standing couple, a home-oriented item, of a gift that will last past their lifetimes, into those of their children, might be right on target.

Budget Constraints

Luxury is not always about the price. If you want to give an elegant designer piece, but think your budget won’t stretch that far, take a look at the collection at Vin Baer. We have many items across most budget ranges, and are likely to have something that you’ll be proud to give, and they will be happy to receive.

Cultural or Religious Sensitivities

Before pulling the trigger on that purchase, make sure you take cultural or religious sensitivities into account. Don’t give a leather item to a vegan couple, for example, unless you know they’re okay with it.

Delivery and Packaging Concerns

Make sure that items are packed in accordance with their quality level and fragility. Breakable items should be packed safely, and luxury items should be packed in a luxurious, beautiful manner to match what’s inside.


What defines a "luxury" gift for couples?

Luxury gifts are usually high-end, exclusive items that are made from premium materials, and by skilled craftspeople. Their prices are often, but not always, considerably higher than cheaper-quality products.

Are there gift options suitable for all couple types?

Yes! Our collection is varied and carefully chosen to include a wide range of tastes and styles, all using quality items, to suit any type of couple.

Can I include a personal message with the gift?

Yes. Most orders allow for the inclusion of a personalized note at the checkout point.


We hope you enjoyed our article on luxury gifts for couples.

If you have any questions or comments, contact us at, or leave them in the comments.

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Author: Albert Varkki

Albert Varkki is the co-founder of Von Baer. He understands leather products as a consumer, supplier, and a manufacturer, helping you with the inside knowledge you need, to choose the perfect leather product for you.

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