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When planning and preparing for both long and short trips, most people tend to forget about the travel bag to transport their personal belongings. It usually occurs due to the frenzy of trying to put numerous things in place for the journey. Many people don’t realize that the luggage to be used for the trip is just as important as everything else. Why? It is the traveling bag you would use in carrying your items and conveying them to your destination. 


Without the right luggage, your journey, and even stay at your destination might flop. Are you preparing for a weekend getaway or any other short trip and need a weekender bag? Welcome aboard; you don’t have to settle for just any travel bag. Here is how to choose the right bag for your weekend getaway.


5 Tips for Choosing the Right Luggage for a Short Trip

  1. What Size Luggage Do I Need?

Size is a factor you need to carefully consider when choosing a travel bag. You should ask yourself, “what size luggage do I need?” Since your trip is only a short one, you don’t need a bag that seems like you are relocating. But even with that, you should still select a bag that is not excessively large or overly small; instead, it should be just perfect for your need. 


Endeavor to factor in all the items you’ll be putting in the travel bag. If your trip requires you to take a bit many items along, consider that and select a moderate-sized men’s duffle bag. If you’re traveling light with just a few clothes and other necessities, a small leather duffle bag or backpack will serve you well. Endeavor to choose a carry-on that leaves a small extra room even after you must have placed in all your belongings. 

 Lady traveling with a weekender bag

That would come in handy when you need extra space to put in some items you didn’t quite plan. Weekenders are of diverse sizes and variations, so you’ll easily get one that would suit you perfectly. Try to inquire about your potential carry-on bag’s size before purchasing it to ensure that it is not sized extremely smaller or bigger than you need.


  1. Waterproof Bag or Nah?

People are frequently on the fence concerning whether to choose a waterproof travel bag or not. The reason is that waterproof bags tend to be more expensive compared to normal bags. This is not surprising, though, given the more expensive materials used in their production. If you are traveling to a rain or snow-prone destination or a place experiencing the raining/snowing season, you should choose a waterproof weekender.  


Even if you aren’t traveling to a rain/snow prone area, you should still try to buy waterproof water because an unexpected downpour could occur. This prevents your clothes and other valuables from getting wet and damaged while you are on the move, even if there is a downpour. Also, you won’t have to worry about water damaging the bag itself. There are also some ways to make your leather bag waterproof, even if it wasn’t originally crafted as such. 


  1. Durability is Key

Uhg, it can be so exasperating to buy a traveling bag only to find out that it is almost completely useless just after a short usage period. That’s why you should go for a premium leather weekender- to avoid the hassle of replacing bags frequently. Of course, quality products tend to have a relatively high price, but that is because quality does not come cheap. 

 Von Baer soft full-grain calf-skin grand mens leather suit bag

Premium leather travel bags are durable and stylish, so it’s a win-win for you. Imagine having to deal with a zipper break or bag rip while in transit; this would be stressful. You would have to find a bag repairer or bag store in an unfamiliar area just to remedy the situation. At times, the bag might even rip again after the initial resewing. But you can avoid that by choosing a quality weekender; it is worth it. Here at Von Baer, we offer you quality premium leather bags that are highly durable.


  1. Check Out the Bag’s Features

To get the best from your travel bag, you should buy a men’s travel bag with certain features. These features would enable you to enjoy comfort with the bag. The said features sometimes differ according to personal preferences, so you get to decide what suits you best. Here is what to look out for.

  •  Travel Bag with Compartments: 

Does it matter to you if your weekender has compartments or not? If you are traveling light, you might go for a bag with little or no compartments, but with more items moving with you, you should opt for a bag with compartments. The presence of compartments in travel bags makes it easier for you to organize and arrange your belongings in the bag in an accessible manner


With compartments and subsections, you can easily know where to find each of your items when you need them. This reduces stress and, instead, affords you more comfort. Also, it offers additional protection for devices like laptops, cameras, tablets, and more. Some people don’t like bags with compartments, though, because they claim the bags’ space seems smaller due to the sectional demarcations. 

  •  Strong Handles:

Bag handles provide carriage comfort but “puff,” the carriage comfort can be gone in an instant if the handles are not strong enough. This frequently occurs if the bag carries heavy or many items. It is quite hard to carry or lift luggage filled with items if the handles are broken. This is why you should shop our travel bags. They are exquisite and also come with comfortable yet strong handles. This would save you from the unpleasantness of carrying a travel bag with broken/worn-out handles.


  • Straps:

Straps provide additional carriage features to the already existing handle. The straps come in handy on diverse occasions, whether the bag handles get broken, or your hands are sore from lifting the bag by the handle. Straps help reduce the pressure associated with the normal handles. It also gives you a stylish way to carry your luggage. 

 Man carrying a tan leather travel bag over the shoulder

The best travel bag for you should provide comfort. Comfortable straps eliminate or reduce the pain that could result from carrying weighty travel bags by hand for long. This is why you should go for travel bags that have comfortable straps.


  1. Go for Something Stylish

Your bag would add to your overall appearance on your travel date, so you should endeavor to select a classy and timeless carry-on. Try to get a travel bag that is both functional and captivating. You don’t have to compromise your fashion taste to have a weekender with the right features. With our Von Baer travel bags, you can have it all- awesome features, durability, and exquisiteness. 

 Stylish man with a carry-on bag just returning from a journey

People frequently ask if a bag’s color matters much. Well, it depends on you. If mundane details concerning dressing matters to you, you’d want to choose a travel bag that can complement whatever outfit you don on your travel date. It is worth knowing that all our weekenders are of captivating designs and complementing colors that can spark up any outfit. More so, upon your request, we can customize and engrave it with your chosen letters, symbols, or emblems.



Whether you frequently go on sporadic weekend getaways or it’s a once in a while thing for you, choosing the right weekend bag will go a long way in making your trip enjoyable. There are quite a number of things to consider when choosing a getaway bag, but the tips above will enable you to make an appropriate selection. 


It is intriguing to know that even after your short trip, your bag will continue to serve you when you need to take extra wears to the gym (gym bag), change clothes for formal events, and more. C’est Magnifique!






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