Best Stylish & Durable Weekender Bags for Men in 2023

by Albert Varkki updated 01-05-2023

best weekender bags for men

For a weekender bag, you need it to be both stylish and functional.

Durable enough to keep up with your while running through an airport, and large enough to carry your weekend travel essentials.

In this article, we outline the most fashionable and high quality weekender bags for men in 2023.

Best Men's Weekender Bags 2023

Here are our top picks for weekender bags for men by type and style:

Best Leather Weekender Bag 2023

weekender leather travel bag in brown

Winner: Weekender Leather Travel Bag


  • Full grain leather
  • 16 inch internal padded laptop sleeve.
  • Carry-on luggage size.
  • Internal zipped pocket for travel essentials like your passport.
  • Plenty of space for all your gear.
  • Ideal for the gym or business travel.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Durable cotton lining and YKK zippers.
  • Perfect overnight bag.
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Can be personalized

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Best Garment Weekender Bag 2023

grand leather garment travel bag in brown

Winner: Grand Leather Garment Bag


  • Full grain leather
  • Dedicated garment carrier.
  • Carry-on luggage size.
  • Carry a suit and shirt without creasing.
  • Large main compartment for other items.
  • 16 inch laptop compartment.
  • Perfect for the gym or business travel.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Durable cotton lining and YKK zippers.
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Can be personalized

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Best Weekender Backpack 2023

Winner: 10X Leather Laptop Backpack


  • Full grain leather
  • Dedicated compartments, perfect for travel.
  • Can convert from backpack to shoulder bag for ease of access.
  • Top and side handles for when moving through airports.
  • Fits up to 15.6 inch laptop or tablet.
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Can be personalized
  • Available in brown, tan, black, or red leather.
  • Unisex.

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Best Rolling Weekender Bag 2023

voyager leather carry on bag with wheels in brown

Winner: Voyager Leather Carry-on with Wheels


  • Full grain leather
  • Hand luggage compliant.
  • 16 inch laptop sleeve.
  • Luggage tag included.
  • Two exterior pockets for easy-to-reach items.
  • Durable cotton lining and YKK zippers.
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Designer travel bag.
  • Can be personalized

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Best Weekender Toiletry Bag 2023

Superior leather toiletry bag tan

Winner: Superior Leather Wash Bag


  • Full grain leather
  • Durable waterproof lining
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Strong YKK zippers
  • Available in brown, tan, red, or black leather.
  • Internal zipped pocket for small accessories.
  • Plenty of space for toiletries.
  • Handles on both sides
  • 2 main compartments
  • 23cm wide, 13cm high, 8cm deep
  • Can be personalized

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How To Choose a Weekender Bag

One of the things you should think about when you’re buying a weekender bag for a man is space.

Try to seek out a bag that won’t take up a great deal of space but does have the capacity for all your basic necessities. It’s advisable to look for a bag that will be suitable for various types of journeys, including holidays and business trips.

When it comes to materials, a leather bag could be your best option if you’ll mainly be travelling for business.

However, if you’ll need it for leisure, it’s a good idea to seek out a durable waterproof material. Whatever you opt for, it’s best to go for the highest quality material that your bank balance will stretch to.

It’s also a good idea to think about compatibility. Some materials are so tough that you may struggle to fit your bag into an overhead compartment or a small space.


This is why it’s such a good idea to seek out something flexible so you can fit it virtually anywhere but aren’t likely to damage it.

A large number of pockets is always welcome, especially if the pockets are laid out carefully and serve a clear purpose.

Pockets can make it much easier for you to find specific items and help you become more organized. Price is another consideration.

You don’t need to opt for the most expensive bag on the market, but the old adage that you get what you pay for certainly rings true.

What is a Weekender Bag?

A weekender bag is a bag that’s suitable for a short journey away from home, that lasts less than 3-4 days.

Your weekender bag should give you enough space for items like shoes, notebooks, toiletries, laptops and clothes - perfect for an overnight stay.

Weekender vs Duffle Bags

Although all duffle bags can be weekend bags, not all weekend bags are duffle bags. Duffle bags are very distinctive thanks to their cylindrical design.

They normally have an overhead zipper and twin carrying hands. It’s also common for them to include a removable shoulder strap.

Duffle bags have a convenient form factor and a generous amount of storage, which makes them great for use as weekend bags and gym bags.

Non-duffle bags don’t normally have a cylindrical design. They tend to have a more stylish or functional structure. Some non-duffle bags are tall and rigid, whilst others are small and flexible.


Weekender vs Suitcases

Traditional suitcases aren’t as popular as they once were. Many people regard them as bulky and unattractive these days. However, rolling wheeled suitcases remain very popular as they make it much easier for you to transport your goods.

One drawback of rolling wheeled suitcases is that they can take up a great deal of floor space when you’re using public transportation.

If you’re going away for just a few days, you might find that the benefits of a wheeled suitcase are outweighed by the ergonomic disadvantages.

However, a good weekend bag distributes weight evenly and comes with features like pleasant straps and handles that make management a breeze.

These bags are easy to carry in your lap, add to the overhead storage and keep an eye on if you’re worried about thieves and pickpockets.

When it comes to style, the rolling suitcase appears to have been vastly eclipsed by the designer men's weekend bag over the year.

Best Material for Weekender Bags

Three of the most popular materials used to manufacture weekender bags include nylon, canvas and leather.

Waxed canvas and nylon weekend bags have become very popular over recent years due to their water resistance and durability, but they aren't very stylish.

Nylon is normally the cheapest of these materials yet could be seen to offer the most variety in style terms. This material is popular because it washes easily and is lightweight.

If you buy high-quality leather, you shouldn’t have to work too hard to avoid problems with water and dirt. Full-grain leather will serve you better than genuine leather or suede.

This is because full grain is hardwearing, is the whole skin and actually gains more character over time instead of simply degrading - known as leather patina.

Best Brand of Weekender Bag

There are many great products available to you if you need a bag that you can store everything you might require during your weekend away in.

Whether you opt for a well-known brand or an up-and-coming manufacturer, you should be able to find something that takes the fuss and stress out of transporting your luggage.

Best Features for a Weekender

There are plenty of options available when it comes to style, color, compartments, size, zippers, fabric and interior space. A quality weekender bag can make organization a breeze, whether you're taking the bag through the airport or travelling somewhere closer to home.

The best weekender bags have often been described as versatile, roomy, spacious, well-made, comfortable and strong.

The weekender bag has become an increasingly fashionable option over the years. More and more people are seeking out weekender bags when they need something elegant, practical, functional, sophisticated, trendy, sturdy and chic.

A weekender bag can become your perfect getaway companion, and you should be able to find something suitable whether you're on a tight budget or have more to spend.

When To Use a Weekender Bag?

If you need something to carry your essential stuff in such as your gadgets, laptop and other hardware and are planning your next adventure, a weekender bag could be the best option for you.

You can even use your weekender bag for other purposes. Many people also take their weekender bags to the office and the local gym when they're not transporting them around the world.

A weekender bag does a fantastic job when it comes to getting your essentials from A to B.

If you are ready for your next trip and need to purchase something that can withstand almost anything it might come up against during your travel experience, a weekender bag may be for you.

You have a wealth of choice when it comes to weekender bags, with many famous brands offering something for everyone.

Whether you're traveling by road, air or sea and need an alternative to traditional duffel bags and suitcases, a weekender bag can serve you well for years to come.


We hope you enjoyed our article on the best weekender bags for men.

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