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What does your mind envision when you think of the CEO of a top conglomerate? For most, the perfect picture of a top-level CEO is the sweet blend of confidence, skills, influence, charisma, success, and classiness. Only skillfulness, intelligence, and timeless fashion style can create this solid combination. 


There are diverse aspects that come together to project the CEO’s individuality. This particular CEO guide will focus on dressing as a way to project the CEO personality. Whether you be an actual CEO now or envision such for yourself in the nearest future, this guide will show you the essential items you need in your corporate male wardrobe. Here are 6 items you need in your wardrobe to look and act like a CEO. 


6 Corporate Men’s Wardrobe Essentials and How to Rock Them

  1. Well-tailored Suits (Blazer/Coat and Pants)

Nothing screams ‘he is the boss’ like being kitted up in a well-tailored suit. If you work at a formal office or you need to be at a formal ceremony, the best way to go is to suit up. Except you are told otherwise, you should don on a classic suit. If well-tailored and form-fitting, wearing a suit will make you look powerful and influential to command the CEO’s kind of respect.

Middle-aged handsome businessman wearing suit and holding phone
Imagine your first day as the new manager of your company; you walk in classily suited. Your appearance would create an aura so potent that the staff won’t try to misbehave. The key to looking like a CEO is to wear the right men’s suit. You should only wear a quality form-fitting suit that will project you with a tapered and proportional physique. 

 Torso and downward picture of a man dressed in suit with white shirt and red tie

Also, you should avoid cheap suits because they usually look tacky. Black, ash, brown, and navy-blue colored suits are some of the men’s wardrobe essentials you should have. Their relaxed colors will make you look collected and confident when you don them on. 


  1. Formal Shirts

You need to pair your suit with an appropriate shirt, right? Well, a dress shirt is what will complement your form-fitting suit to give you a classic formal look. Just like the suit, you should choose form-flattering shirts; they’ll make you look impressive. Also, on days when you go blazer or coat-free, you can easily don on the shirt and still look superb. Let your wardrobe collections include varieties so you can rock diverse shirts on different days.

 Different-shirts paired with ties placed on a white background

Do remember to combine your outfit appropriately. You should know how to effectively match your clothing to avoid being sanctioned by the fashion police (haha). Plain-colored shirts are easy to match while checks, stripes, and patterns are more complicated to style, but you’d look spot-on if styled correctly. 


  1. Neckties

Sia sang, ‘you are never fully dressed without a smile’ while fashion police say ‘you are never fully business-formally dressed without a tie.’ Your CEO outfit should include formal neckties to complement your suit, collared dress shirt, and dress shoes to project a formal and influential charisma.


As a CEO or would-be CEO, people would frequently look out to see what you are donning on. Clients, customers, associates, and partners want to see that impeccable look that shows them you are in full control. This is why you should have classy ties in your wardrobe.

 Closeup of a business formal suit with tie

Ties are of diverse styles and varieties, so you can choose the ones that would suit you best. You should know how to match your tie to complement your suit and shirt to avoid color and pattern clashes. Also, you should know how to knot a tie to look charismatic. Badly knotted neckties would make you look out of place, and we don’t want that.


  1. Dress Shoes + Socks

Shoes are ascribed to be the barometer of a man’s style. A man’s social and wealth status, as well as his body care and dress sense, can be easily deduced by looking at his shoes. In the corporate world, you will always be sized up by others to know who you are and what you’re worth. By showcasing your formal dress style with quality yet stylish footwear, you’d project an unbeatable formal ambiance that will earn you trust and respect. 

 Man dressed in suit with leather shoe and briefcase walking down the stairs

Men’s shoes are of diverse varieties, so you should ensure to select quality men’s dress shoes that will complement your corporate attire. Quality dress shoes do not come cheap, especially if you select a premium leather product, but it is worth it because they would always make you look fantastic. Also, quality leather products improve with age, particularly if you make dusting and polishing your friends. So, you’ll get valuable worth for your money. 


Endeavor to match your shoes rightly with your overall outfit to look as put together as can be. Hmm, what should go with your shoes? It is the socks. Socks have this subtle yet fantastic way of adding style and class to your outfit. Try to wear cool-colored socks that won’t draw much attention to themselves. As a rule for men’s clothing, you should wear socks with the same color or shade as your suit.


  1. Classic Belts

The belt is considered an accessory for holding up trousers or pants, but it is more than that. A classic men’s belt is an accessory that complements the suit to help you look stylish and put together. In the corporate world, everything matters down to the last detail. Since the belt area is a subtle area that determines your overall outlook, you should put effort into how you select your belt. If your suit has belt loops, you should wear a belt or suspender even if the suit fits snugly. 

 Leather belt on blue pants and white shirt

Your belt choice can make or mar you, so you should carefully select the belt to pair with your chosen attire. For a corporate setting that requires you to wear a suit, your belt should be a classic or suit belt. As a fashion rule, your classic men’s belt should match the color of your shoes. Leather belts are the “it” for CEOs and stylish gents, so you should always rock them. Since you are going for quality, you should endeavor to buy premium leather classic belts. They are durable and sophisticated to fulfill your formal needs. Check our VB leather belts here.


  1. Classic Briefcases

On a fine Monday morning, you only have to stand by the roadside to see classy professionals all suited and carrying briefcases, walking or driving by. They are going to work. By a company’s car park, you only have to wait a few minutes after the closing hour to see people walk to their cars or down the road with briefcases. This shows you that universally, a briefcase is the ultimate carrier for corporate professionals. 

 Man carrying classic leather briefcase

When you carry a stylish leather briefcase, a professional, charismatic aura surrounds you. You would look powerful, influential, and put together; that’s why lawyers and bankers favor briefcases. There is a catch, though; your overall outfit has to be spot-on as well, so all the briefcase would do is perfect the look. As the classy, professional, gentleman you are, you should choose a men’s briefcase that matches the shade of your shoes and belts. You don’t want to create a combo bomb with your overall outlook. 


Buying a premium leather briefcase is one of the essential wardrobe investments you should go for. Why? Premium leather briefcases are well crafted with high-quality materials to offer you durability, functionality, sophistication, and an overall expensive look. Here at Von Baer, we prioritize offering you just what you need to look elegant and exquisite. This is why our briefcases are crafted with premium Italian leather, lined with high-quality inner canvas, and perfected with sturdy hardware. What more? Our briefcases come in diverse designs, colors, and sizes so you can choose the ones that suit you best.



There you have it- six items that you need in your corporate wardrobe to look classy, confident, skillful, and charismatic. From the suit down to the briefcase, everything matters for you to achieve the CEO look. But by the time you are done combining them, you’ll not only look the part, but your confidence will also act the part. Asides the above, some other corporate men’s wardrobe essentials you should have to complement your professional gent’s look are pocket squares, wristwatches, cufflinks, and leather wallets



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