Timeless Fashion: The CEO’s Guide to Confidence

by Albert Varkki updated 07-07-2023

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Classy CEO in well-tailored mens suit

What image do you see when you first think of a CEO or a top businessman of a large enterprise? Is it a mix of confidence, skills, influence, charisma, and success? Well, if you pair it with classy elegance and timeless fashion, you might just have a winning combination.

While style is highly personal, what you wear and how you wear it can hugely affect the way you look, feel, and do things. Furthermore, it can help in projecting this self-confidence onto others, too. And let’s face it – business is about building impactful relationships and trust.

Whether you’re already the CEO or aspire to be one someday, this guide will cover the must-haves in any corporate man’s wardrobe. Here are the 6 items you must have in your wardrobe to look, feel, and act like a CEO.

1. Tailored Suits (Blazer/Coat and Pants)

    A suit is a must in any businessman’s wardrobe. That’s pretty obvious, right? What people often get wrong is the tailoring of the suit. Any suit won’t do the trick. And to be honest, an ill-fitting suit is an eyesore.

    Any well-respected professional should own a well-tailored form-fitting suit. This creates a professional and polished look. In fact, the purpose of a great suit is to inspire you to feel your best and dive into business ventures with confidence.

    Middle-aged handsome businessman wearing suit and holding phone

    Just like a bad suit will attract all eyes on you, a great suit will do the same but for all the right reasons. Walk into any room with confidence and strike the best business deals in style.

    Torso and downward picture of a man dressed in suit with white shirt and red tie

    Avoid ill-fitting suits that are bad quality. When buying a suit, pay attention to its tailoring, materials, stitching, and details. Black, ash, brown, and navy suits are wardrobe staples that will have you looking classy in any situation.

    2. Formal Shirts

    A great suit should be accompanied by a great shirt, right? A classy button-up or dress shirt is a must with any suit. Just like the suit itself, choose something that is right for your body shape and form-fitting.

    Consider a shirt that you can wear with or without the suit jacket as that may be the case on warmer days. Thus, the quality and tailoring of the shirt is key.

    Different-shirts paired with ties placed on a white background

    Consider the material of the shirt and look at the quality of the details – everything from stitching to buttons and collar.

    Solid color shirts are easier to match with your suit but the right patterned shirt can also look great. Just make sure it fits your suit and overall style. In general, light-colored shirts like white, pale blue, and salmon look more formal, while darker shirts can give off a more casual look.

    3. Ties

      Another must-have in any businessman’s fashion arsenal is a good quality tie. Again, just like everything else, your necktie should fit in with your overall style – it needs to match the suit, the shirt, the belt and the shoes. All of these elements work together in creating the perfect CEO look.

      Closeup of a business formal suit with tie

      Ties come in a great variety of styles but you should always pick one that makes you look and feel the most confident. Consider the material and the pattern – avoid colors that don’t go together or have clashing patterns.

      Trends change in men’s fashion, too. Extra wide ties are not as widely seen in the business world now as they were two or three decades ago. Depending on your overall style and fit, slimer ties are more fashionable now.

      And while ties may be available in the craziest of patterns, you should remember that you’re completing a business look that requires a particular etiquette when it comes to adding in exuberant details.

      4. Dress Shoes + Socks

        Most people have heard the saying that you can judge a man by his shoes and there is some truth to that. Considering the fact that shoes are not exactly on eye level, they are definitely eye-catching. Especially in the business world.

        This has been mentioned before and it certainly applies to shoes as well – no single element in the CEO’s wardrobe defines the whole outfit. Every element should be high quality and well-made on its own. That is true for shoes as well.

        Man dressed in suit with leather shoe and briefcase walking down the stairs

        CEO’s footwear should showcase both quality and style. While it may be tempting to get a ‘one size fits all’ solution for all of your outfits, every style needs to be considered individually. While there are, of course, shoes that can be worn with a range of outfits, you should own at least several pairs that each can be matched with different suits.

        When choosing shoes for your business attire, consider their quality and craftsmanship. Choose something that is made from genuine leather as it will look better and also serve you for longer with the right maintenance. Stitching also is important as you don’t want your shoes to quickly come apart.

        Always consider shoe choice with socks as well. Socks may be subtle but they can also add the right accent. With formal business attire you should wear single-colored socks that don’t draw a lot of attention. With business casual you can get a little more creative while still maintaining professional look.

        5. Classic Belts

        The purpose of a belt is not just that of practical functionality. It is also a powerful accessory in any men’s wardrobe. It adds an elegant accent and helps you create a uniform and complete look.

        Even if you don’t feel like you need a belt for making your trousers fit, consider this – if your suit has loops for belt, you should wear a belt. Select a belt that looks best with your overall outfit. Formal attire requires a formal belt which has a classic belt buckle and ideally the belt will be made from high-quality genuine leather.

        Every man should own at least a few different belts ensuring that they are ready for any occasion. For everyday wear, you can opt for a reversible belt – these belts can have different colors on each side and will normally be classic black and brown.

        Well-made leather belts showcase great durability and attention to detail so choose accordingly.

        6. Classic Briefcases

        Briefcases equal business. It is as simple as that. It’s a timeless accessory that is all about practicality – after all, it carries not only all of your valuables but also business essentials. Modern briefcases maintain their classic and timeless appeal but are definitely elevated to suit modern requirements and style aesthetics.

        A great leather briefcase is the ultimate investment you can make in yourself and your business. It exudes professionalism and charisma. It can empower and it can influence. And all in all, it makes you look put together.

        Choose a premium leather briefcase if you want something stylish, well-made, durable, and practical. Made from the best materials available by experienced craftsmen, premium leather briefcases prioritize quality, functionality, and style. You want something that fits all of your essentials in a well-organized way while also keeping everything safe and secure. Each detail needs to be top notch.

        Man carrying classic leather briefcase

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        Classic business attire is both timeless and contemporary. Some things never change but some details need to be updated to go with the modern times. So whenever you choose to add something new to your look or shuffle some things around, always consider two main aspects – how well-made the piece is on its own and how it goes with your overall style.

        Confidence is the best thing you can wear, so choose items that make you feel the most confident.

        Author: Albert Varkki

        Albert Varkki is the co-founder of Von Baer. He understands leather products as a consumer, supplier, and a manufacturer, helping you with the inside knowledge you need, to choose the perfect leather product for you.

        We always aim to have the highest editorial standards, and only publish accurate information on our website.

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