How to Put Money in a Trifold Wallet?

by Albert Varkki updated 07-07-2023

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A Von Baer trifold wallet (Washington)

So you’ve bought or you’re thinking about buying a trifold wallet, but how do you put money into it properly? How best do you utilise the space in the wallet? Find out in our trifold wallet guide below.

What is a trifold wallet?

As the name suggests, a tri-fold wallet has 3 folds in it (it's split into thirds), in comparison to the bifold wallet that simply folds in half. A trifold wallet will usually have two large compartments to store cash, one large zipped compartment for spare change, multiple slots for cards of all types, and a semi-transparent compartment for a business card or treasured photo.

The trifold wallet will be able to store a lot more cash and cards than a traditional bifold wallet, and that's why it's important to make sure that your wallet is made from a quality material such as leather. It should also have a secure button fastening to ensure it doesn't pop open easily.

Matching Your Wallet and Style

Due to the bulky nature of a trifold wallet you should consider how it will look when it's in your pocket. If you're unused to having a wallet that sticks out in your trousers as much, you may be surprised how thick a fully packed trifold wallet can be.

How to put money in a trifold wallet

Adding money to your new trifold leather wallet is so easy, follow these simple steps to get it filled just right:

  1. Decide which cards are most important, and put these in the most easily accessible parts of the wallet.
  2. Decide whether you need to store business cards or a photo in the extra compartment.
  3. Add the rest of your cards to the extra compartments, trying to avoid multiple cards in one pocket.
  4. Fill the spare change zipped pocket with your change.
  5. Add your cash notes into the two large pockets.
  6. Make sure the wallet can fold up (adjust if it cannot).
  7. Push the button closed.

You can also watch the video below to find out more.

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