If you constantly carry a lot of cash on you, or you have lots of cards, then you’ll need a larger wallet with more compartments, or multiple cash and change compartments to store your money.

Well below we’ve got the best wallets for lots of cash and cards, available in black or brown leather.

Here is The #1 Option - A Trifold Wallet

If you've got more to fit in, it makes sense to have an extra section to your wallet!

large brown trifold wallet open

A trifold wallet is, as the name suggests, folded into 3 sections, leaving more room for your cash and cards. The Von Baer Washington leather trifold wallet is made from full grain leather, hand made with care and designed to last for years. This wallet is available in brown or black leather, priced at around $120.

black trifold wallet


We also wrote a post on the best way to fill a trifold wallet here.

The Next Best Option - Large Structured Bifold Wallet

If you just can't handle having a trifold wallet in your pocket, then your next best option is choosing a structured large bifold wallet.

black bifold leather wallet open

The Classic Bifold Leather Wallet from Von Baer can store quite a few cards and plenty of cash in your pocket. This model is available in two colours, priced at around $110.

brown leather bifold wallet

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