Time to get your Wolverine game face on, leather’s in and it looks set to stay! Busy planning your new brown leather jacket outfit but need more inspiration?

We’ve got you covered right here! In this article, we’re looking at some of the best ways that men can style brown leather jackets for a wide range of occasions.   

You don’t exactly have to be Hugh Jackman to get away with any of the looks in this guide, all you need is a genuine leather jacket, a fist full of attitude, and a killer street walk.

We’ll cover which jacket designs go with what as well as throw some handy color ideas your way. We’ll also point out some of the best accessories you can pair with your new genuine leather threads.

First things first! Let’s go over some of the most common leather jacket designs out there so that you know what you’re talking about or what to look for when you start shopping. We’ll start with:

Bomber Jackets leather

Bomber Jackets

Made famous by pilots in the great wars and even more so by high-school athletes in modern movies, the bomber jacket design has a specific waist-length (short), and is always collarless.

The jacket should be made from soft leather so that it stays malleable, giving you a sporty look. These jackets usually come with a classic neckline and wristband trim that is flexible as well as often in contrast to the main color of the jacket.

Almost all bombers will have a zip up front and shallow pouch pockets. Bombers with more of a military edge might also feature small pockets on the arms.

Looking for a brown leather jacket style that’s truly timeless? Start with one of these bad boys.

Biker Jackets leather

Biker Jackets

Anyone who’s seen any of the Terminator movies knows all about this one. This is one of the most traditional and most well-known styles of men's leather jacket.

This design will have large lapels, an oversized collar, and more than enough thickness to keep you super safe on the road.

It wouldn't be complete without a full set of chunky metallic hardware including studs, plugs, and zips to make it one of the most masculine pieces of clothing out there - not that there’s anything wrong with a feisty chick in a biker jacket!

 Leather Racer Jackets

Leather Racer Jackets

Want something a little plainer and stripped back? Then a racer style jacket is ideal. As you can see above, racers tend to have no collar, offer more of a slim fit, and usually have two matching pockets, one on each side of the chest.

If you’re looking to build brown leather jacket outfits that have a modern and simplistic edge, this is probably the design that’ll catch your eye the most.

So those are the main design types out there. Now let’s get down to what you should be wearing them with.

Here are some of our best tips for what to wear with a brown leather jacket:

Brown leather jacket with jeans t-shirt

Brown Leather with Jeans

This is a classic that will suit almost any casual occasion. Leather and denim combine perfectly, especially if they are two different colors that compliment each other.

It doesn't matter if your jeans are ripped up or perfectly intact, brown leather will pair with a pair of blue jeans like a dream.

You don't really have to stop at blue. Black jeans will combine famously with light shades of brown leather too.

Brown Leather Jacket with a T-shirt

Brown leather jackets are a bit of a chameleon in that they tend to blend to suit the category of clothing you pair them with. Throw the jacket over a business shirt and your look becomes smart-casual.

Pair the jacket with a tee and you get a super casual look suitable for any house party or any other casual setting.    

You’ll have your own collection of t-shirts already but remember the chameleon rule, whatever you put under the jacket defines your style.

Go with a smart men's going out the top and you’ll achieve an elegant dressy feel. Opt for any t-shirt with print on it and you’ll bring the outfit right down to ultra casual regardless of any other parts of your outfit.  

To play it safe with the t-shirt color, stick with whites, greys, and even blue. Avoid softer colors to prevent a clash of themes. Leather jackets are meant to bring a rugged, masculine vibe. Pair one with a soft yellow t-shirt and you’ll confuse everyone.

No matter how well you think you suit a dash of pink, you definitely don't when you’re wearing a brown leather jacket. Feel like adding even more manliness?

Go for a V-neck or scoop neck if you have the chest to pull it off. These are the best cuts to aim for if you really want to impress.  

Going More Formal

Need to look more fit for business? Brown leather jackets pair brilliantly with white or dark smart shirts and a contrasting tie. When it comes to the trousers, look for greys, blue or black to keep things very safe for a wide variety of business dress events.

Accessories with leather jacket


To complete your brown leather jacket style, you’ll need the right bag that doesn't ruin your look. Von Baer offers a great selection of men's leather bags that are elegant enough for both business and pleasure. Black is never a bad partner for any tone of brown, not to mention nearly every other color out there, so stick to a black bag if you want it to be as versatile as possible.

Traveling far? Then look for a decent sized travel bag. Need the bag for work? Go for a more compact but generously spaced laptop bag.   

That’s it! Follow the tips above and you’ll know exactly what to wear with a leather jacket whatever the occasion.

Think you need more advice? We’re always happy to discuss the latest trends and help people find the best options for their needs. Feel free to leave us a comment or get in touch if you think we’ve missed anything!

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