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Women are one big interesting fur ball of complication. When you think you know them all too well, they show you another form of their awesome self. Given the diversity and complication of interests, you might wonder what exactly would attract them to a man. Well, that is hard to pinpoint. What are the things they might notice about a potential partner? Is it a luxury car? A fabulous physique? An awesome personality or even the subtle sultriness of a man dressed gorgeously with a leather belt to match? 


Well, you might be aware of many things that attract ladies to their potential men. In fact, you might be aware of the importance of classy dressing in catching a lady’s attention, but are you aware of how far your belt can go in determining that? Yes, your belt is a subtle feature of your overall outlook that women tend to notice. Here are five reasons why women are attracted to men with nice belts.


5 Reasons Women are Attracted to Men with Nice Belts

  1. It Shows your Fashion Taste

Yes, belts indeed serve a functional or practical purpose as part of your outfit, but they are more than just functional men wear features to women. Ladies tend to check out a man’s belt to determine his dress sense and fashion taste. Why? They love a man with great fashion taste. They’d love to be with men that would look great beside them. It is a thing of pride to them that they can showcase their man to their families, friends, and relatives. 


A belt is a fashionable accessory that showcases the transition between the upper and lower body halves of a man’s body. It highlights both the torso and the lower region to make the person who dons it look fantastic. So, you see? It is easy for ladies to notice this particular accessory. 

 Pants and shirt paired with black Von Baer leather belt

It always helps to know how to style your clothing appropriately. You should know the types of leather belts to pair with your suits, casual wears, and the likes. Of course, depending on how diversifying your chosen belt and fashion sense is, you might be able to make a casual or formal leather belt fit just any occasion. How well you combine your overall clothing matters because it informs your potential lady that you have a good dress sense. 


  1. It Pinpoints your Love for Quality

You can compare women with the three-eyed raven from the Game of Thrones television series. Why? They see it all, and they know it all. Yes, that woman checking you out as you walk into the bar to have a drink will notice your belt. She can tell the difference between a quality leather belt and a cheap one. But why would they check you out to know the quality of your belt? It is because they want to know how well you value quality over quantity? 

 Black and brown Von Baer belts isolated against a black background

They believe that men who know well to buy premium products for themselves would do the same for their women. Incidentally, the usage of a quality men’s leather belt could also suggest to the lady that the man is well-to-do or at least financially capable enough to shoulder responsibilities. Yup, that is a valid sign that could make them jump on your train.


You should know, though, that they won’t only look at your belt, they’d also check out your overall appearance and certain parts of your outfit. They want to know, “does he look great, smell good? What kind of leather briefcase is he carrying? What kind of shoe is he wearing? How pleasant is he?” That’s why you should pay attention to your overall appearance


  1. Could Point to your Status and Prospects

She knows what she wants, and she won’t settle for less. What does she want? A man with good career prospects and great ambition. Women tend to figure out if a man has great career prospects and ambition through his appearance. They also use that to gauge a man’s wealth and influence status. 

 Young businessman sitting in limousine with wine in hand

Some women zero in on a man’s wealth and influence because they know such a man can afford them the luxurious life they desire. They want exotic vacations, frequent shopping, designer clothes and accessories, luxury cars, and more. Of course, they would want a man that looks like he can afford all those and more. 


Some other ladies that are thinking of the future, family, marriage, kids, etc. also use belts to figure out some info about their potential partner. Those women want a man that looks put together, and your belt could help them figure out if that man is you. Your outfit could inform them that you are financially, emotionally, and mentally capable of shouldering a family man’s responsibilities after marriage. It is the natural law of mate selection that triggers this. 


  1. It Showcases Desirable Masculinity

It is not surprising that ladies love the sheer show of masculinity. They love the charisma, power, and sensuality that men exude because it makes them feel even more feminine. Pure masculinity teases the opportunity for a fabulous physical intimacy session. Additionally, cool ole masculinity is a way for mature women to select the right man with fine genes for their future babies. Women are usually pretty sensitive to all these signs, and yes, your belt usage can also nudge them towards those. 

 Man dressed in suit walking down a building

The way the leather belt appropriately divides the male body into lower and upper halves gives women a chance to notice their potential man’s bodily features. Fitted belts usually trim the male waist to showcase a nice physique that is sensual to women. Belts make ladies notice long, lean legs, fitness, drool-worthy chest/torso, etc. They also help create the illusion of a taller body proportion, meaning that you’ll look taller. This then makes the women more interested in men for intimacy, relationships, and procreation. 


Of course, every man puts on clothes, but women love men that rock clothes more. They find men that are confident enough to dress gorgeously sexually attractive. So, if appropriately rocked, your leather belt selection could be that add-on accessory that would make ladies attracted to you.


  1. It Pinpoints your Attentiveness

You should know how to attract women by paying them attention. Women love attention, so they prefer men who show attentiveness and care for details. They always try to seek signs that their potential man will be attentive to their needs and that of the family if they were to get married. They also want to know that their man would make efforts to look good at all times. Your belt choice could determine her opinion of you regarding attentiveness.

 Brown leather belt placed on top of blue jeans clothing

It takes proper care and attention for a man to pick out the right belt to match his attire. The truth is lots of most men don’t care about these clothing details, unlike women. Once they choose an outfit and dress up, they are good to go. But women want more. They want a man who goes the extra mile to look good. 


If that extra mile shows in your overall dressing, they would instantly see good prospects in you. Show ladies that you care about the little details that add to your overall appearance, and they’ll flock to you.



Along with being a practical accessory for holding up pants and trousers, a belt is a top-class accessory that can make you look sophisticated and charismatic. If you didn’t know before now, well, now you know that your belt style can be a way of wowing both ladies and gentlemen. 


It’s not enough to know how to attract women; you should know how to keep them interested. Even if you are married, your belt styling can still be used to keep your wife allured. Keep her impressed and attracted by dressing well and donning on nice leather belts. That is why here at Von Baer, we offer you high-class exclusive leather belts to enable you to look expensive and timelessly elegant. Click here to shop our premium leather belts.







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