Best Travel Bags For Women 2023: Stylish & Durable

by Albert Varkki updated 01-05-2023

best womens travel bags

You need a travel bag that's both stylish and functional, and can keep you going for a weekend away or a longer holiday.

Weekender bags, duffle bags, canvas bags, and rolling bags are all excellent options.

But which travel bag is best?

In this post, we discuss our top picks of women's travel bags for 2023:

Best Travel Bags for Women 2023

Here we have our choice for the best travel bags for women by type and style:

Best Leather Weekender Travel Bag 2023

leather weekender bag womens

Winner: Weekender Leather Travel Bag

The Weekender is a classic leather weekend bag with a lot of storage, while still counting as a carry-on bag for all airlines. This means you can take it along with a personal item like a backpack. It's great for fitting a lot of weekend essentials, and has a dedicated laptop compartment for your tech. We love the red leather version, and you can get it personalized too.


  • Full grain leather
  • 16 inch internal padded laptop sleeve.
  • Internal zipped pocket for travel essentials like your passport.
  • Plenty of space for all your gear.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Durable cotton lining and YKK zippers.
  • Perfect overnight bag.
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Can be personalized

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Best Rolling Carry-on Bag with Wheels 2023

voyager womens leather carry-on bag

Winner: Voyager Leather Carry-on with Wheels

When we think of a carry-on bag, we immediately picture a rolling bag, and for that the Voyager is perfect. The durable and reliable wheels help you roll through the airport in no time at all. The full grain leather is really high quality, and will retain its appearance far better than a canvas bag. It has a dedicated laptop compartment on the front, making it convenient when sitting down quickly on the plane.


  • Full grain leather
  • Hand luggage compliant.
  • 16 inch laptop sleeve.
  • Luggage tag included.
  • Two exterior pockets for easy-to-reach items.
  • Durable cotton lining and YKK zippers.
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Designer travel bag.
  • Can be personalized

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Best Tote Carry-On Bag 2023

elegance leather tote bag

Winner: Elegance Leather Tote Bag

If you prefer a more traditionally feminine style of travel bag, then the Elegance Tote is ideal. Made from full grain leather, it looks smart, and is appropriate for both personal and work travel. It has space for a 14 inch laptop, and has multiple internal pockets to keep travel essentials organized.


  • Full grain leather
  • Compartment for up to 14 inch laptop.
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Internal pockets for essentials like your phone.
  • Reliable YKK zippers.
  • Durable cotton lining.
  • Available in brown, black, red, and tan.
  • Can be personalized.

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Best Large Travel Backpack 2023

10x leather laptop backpack womens

Winner: 10X Leather Laptop Backpack

For those who prefer a backpack, but don't want it to appear unprofessional or bulky, the 10X is the best choice. It combines the smart appearance of full grain leather, with a large main compartment, and convenient backpack and shoulder straps. It has a dedicated laptop sleeve, and can be used as both a work bag and travel backpack.


  • Full grain leather
  • Dedicated compartments, perfect for travel.
  • Can convert from backpack to shoulder bag for ease of access.
  • Top and side handles for when moving through airports.
  • Fits up to 15.6 inch laptop or tablet.
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Can be personalized
  • Available in brown, tan, black, or red leather.
  • Unisex.

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Best Small Travel Backpack 2023

prime large brown leather backpack

Winner: Prime Leather Backpack

If you prefer a smaller travel backpack, then choose the Prime. The full grain leather is the highest quality possible, making it a really stylish bag that looks more expensive than it actually is. It has multiple compartments to keep things organized, as well as a secure laptop sleeve.


  • Full grain leather
  • 14 inch laptop sleeve.
  • Ideal for travel, and as a personal item.
  • Multiple front zipped compartments.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Durable cotton lining and YKK zippers.
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Can be personalized
  • Available in brown, tan, black, or red leather.

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Best Garment Duffel Travel Bag 2023

grand leather garment bag womens

Winner: Grand Leather Garment Bag

If you often travel with a suit or dress that you'd rather not crease, then the Grand Garment Bag is for you. It fully opens to store your garment in a zipped compartment, before folding up to create a duffel style bag without creasing the stored item. It has a dedicated laptop compartment, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap. The full grain leather looks and feels amazing.


  • Full grain leather
  • Dedicated garment carrier.
  • Carry a suit and shirt without creasing.
  • Large main compartment for other items.
  • 16 inch laptop compartment.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Durable cotton lining and YKK zippers.
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Can be personalized

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Checked vs Carry-on Luggage

Both checked and carry-on bags are available on airplanes. In both cases, shipping companies limit the items' combined weight and size measurements. In most cases, the weight of checked luggage is restricted.

Can a Weekender Bag be Used as a Carry-on Bag?

Weekender bags are designed mostly for local travel. As a result, a weekender bag has to be large enough to accommodate all of your necessities for a few days while still being small enough to fit in your carry-on luggage.

Do Garment Bags Count as Carry-on Luggage?

Garment bags aren't usually included in the carry-on luggage allowance while traveling by plane. However, you can buy carry-on luggage that includes a garment bag inside it, which allows you to have both. Our favorite one is the Grand Leather Garment Bag.

Types of Travel Bags

Travel Totes

Bags with parallel handles on either side are known as tote bags. A travel bag may have a few pockets, but those compartments are well-equipped to hold everything you need for your journey. It is possible to pack wallets, passports, cellphones, and other electronic gadgets into one of these convenient carry-on luggage bags. Convenient Carry-On Bags

Duffel Bags

Duffle bags are cylindrical canvas bags with a drawstring commonly used by military personnel and athletes. These bags are more commonly used as carry-on luggage on most flights because they are lightweight and roomy enough to store all your travel essentials.

Weekender Bags

All of your clothes, toiletries, and other travel requirements should fit in a weekender bag when you're going away for the weekend—a good carry-on for short vacations or a good backpack for longer trips. Unlike a duffel bag, usually made of canvas or nylon, a gym bag is generally made of cotton or nylon, but leather versions are becoming increasingly popular.

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Stylish Backpacks

A backpack is another useful travel bag, presuming you don't need to carry too many items. They are more traditionally used as a personal item, where you have a rolling carry-on bag with your main items to be stowed, then your personal backpack carries essentials that you need at hand during your flight.

Rolling Luggage

As the name implies, rolling baggage is designed to be more easily maneuvered about airports and other public spaces when traveling. Using rolling baggage has long been a popular option for vacationers, dating back to 1970. Even though they were designed to be carry-ons, these bags are increasingly being examined. Due to its ability to spin, spinner luggage has been increasingly popular in recent years.

Backpackers Packs

Travel packs, which are specialized rucksacks manufactured especially for backpackers, are a popular mode of transportation for them. Traditional backpacks look identical to those with a zipped shoulder or hip belt or a shoulder harness attached. They are an excellent option if you only need to pack a few things and relocate. This backpack is easy to travel with because it has a lot of storage space.

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Alternatives to a Travel Bag

There aren't really any good alternatives to a travel bag.

You could use a normal bag or backpack as your personal item, but most of them won't be large enough to hold enough clothes for a weekend away.

You're best investing in a carry-on bag that's built for traveling.

See the best underseat backpacks here.


We hope you enjoyed our article on the best travel bags for women.

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