A man bag is a satchel or a small purse, that can take the form of a backpack, messenger bag, or perhaps a briefcase. During the Renaissance period, between the 14th and 17th centuries, bags were essential, as pockets weren't often sewn into clothing. During this period there was also a trend by school children to use a satchel.

Leather man bag

In the modern era, a man bag can consist of many different styles and materials of back. These range from the classic messenger bag, which was used to deliver mail historically, to larger duffel bags that people take to the gym or whilst they are travelling. There are also modern briefcases to consider, which can come in both structured and unstructured form, but are always best when made from authentic leather. Whatever the situation is that you need to use your man bag, you should always choose quality materials over price. This ensures that your bag will last for years and not months.

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