Types of leather belts

by Albert Varkki updated 01-10-2023

No smart outfit is completed without a smart leather belt to finish it off. But there are lots of styles of belts to choose from, including different finishes, colours and buckle shapes and materials. Below we’ve got our breakdown of the best types of leather belts to buy this year.

A Note On The Leather Material

Leather ages over time, and should not stretch or break. This is dependent on the quality of the leather, which is why we always advise to choose a full grain leather belt as opposed to cheaper alternatives as it will last longer.

Colour of Belt - Match!

Another thing to note is that your belt colour must match that of your shoes. This isn't being picky, it's essential to no stand out like a sore thumb as completely unfashionable. You should also aim to match the colour of metal on your belt buckle with any other metal you carry, such as your watch.

Casual Leather Belts

For a more casual appearance whilst still keeping a good leather finish, you should choose a more plain looking buckle. This ensures that the belt isn't too obvious, helping you to "dress down" for example on a night out or family meal. These belts are perfect to be worn with jeans or chinos, including shorts. An example of this would be our Classic leather belt, which is available in brown, tan or black leather:

tan leather belt on man

Formal Leather Belts

A formal belt should have a smart, shiny finish to it. The ideal smart belt would be smooth, with an understated but well made buckle. An example of this would be our reversible leather belt with the traditional or plus buckle, which helps to tidy up the belt end in a smooth and professional manner: Whichever belt style you choose, you will be fully equipped for your next business meeting or night out on the town. Just make sure you avoid canvas belts for meetings at all costs! Shop our entire product range at

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