Lots of people adore leather. Thanks to its phenomenal natural qualities, leather is the best material out there in the world of bags and modern briefcases. Its uniqueness comes from water resistance, durability and, obviously it's neat and great look. To preserve these qualities for a lifetime, we have to take care of it. Through experience, we have found our approach towards leather care that really works. Below, we have put together the five most useful leather care tips which we think will make your leather bag last longer and look greater than you can even imagine!

Apply these leather care tips constantly and your favourite items will look good as new even after many years of use:

1. When leather gets wet, never dry it instantly.

Also, never try using a hair dryer or anything like that on your leather item. Instead, let it dry slowly by using a leather drying cloth, preferably made from natural chamois. We also advise you to keep your leather bag in the shape which you want to it to end up in when drying, as wet leather may change its form when dried carelessly.

2. Moisturise leather from time to time.

When leather is too dry it will eventually start to crack and lose its qualities, therefore, in the end, it will not look so great. To prevent this, we recommend non-toxic leather conditioners, as they don't change the chemistry of the material and are safe for the user.

Don't over-moisturize either, because it does as much damage as not moisturizing at all; constantly applying too much moisturizer will turn the leather into mush. It is essential that you pay enough attention to this.

3. When leather gets dirty, just use a dry cloth to clean it.

Never use toxic chemical substances, because this may result in changing chemistry of the leather, which will affect its qualities and look. Do it daily: this will prevent the leather from staining and set aside any possible problems associated with it.

4. Don't overfill your leather bag.

The problem is that it may stretch the leather out. Once it has been stretched out, it is practically impossible for the leather to return back to its initial shape. If your bag is too small for your belongings, consider buying another, bigger one. Read our 7 tips on how to pack a bag here.

5. Never apply any silicone liquids to your leather.

This leather care tip is extremely important: as a silicone layer will evaporate away, the silicon oil remains. This substance causes leather to dry out and is hard to remove from the leather once it has been laid on the surface of the leather.

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