Briefcase Contents – How to Organize Your Work Bag

by Albert Varkki updated 04-24-2023

briefcase contents

Learn to make the most of all of the sections and pockets in your briefcase.

The following guide will help you to organize your briefcase so you never again have to feel flustered or embarrassed in a meeting when you can’t find that important document or your pen!

1. Prioritize Your Contents

Begin by removing all of the contents in your briefcase. Lay all of the items on a clean surface. Begin by discarding anything you don’t need anymore, old papers, garbage, that old Starbucks receipt. Now take everything that remains and decide whether it is something you use each and every day such as your laptop, Smartphone or your wallet or an item that you only need once in a while such as a reference book or meeting notes. Your briefcase should be organized similar to your desk at the office.

2. Utilize Compartments

Choosing a briefcase with several pockets and compartments will help the organization process because you can allocate different sections to different categories. For example, you will not place pens, gum and documents in the same compartment. Instead, your pens will always stay in the same pocket, documents in another, keys in another etc. We suggest keeping personal items such as keys in the internal zipped pocket, documents in the back section, laptop in the padded laptop area and communicative tools such as your phone and personal diary in the easily accessible external front pocket.

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3. Remove Clutter

Ensure that you are not toting around a ton of extra items you don’t need. Take careful stock and get rid of anything you don’t use. For instance, the granola bar that has been sitting in there for a month or the book that you never get around to reading should be removed. Your briefcase should be clean, tidy and hold only the essentials. This way it will be easy to find things when you need them.

4. Keep Rubbish Out

It may be tempting to quickly toss a wrapper or a few coins into your briefcase at times but remember a briefcase should be an extension of your office. A briefcase is no place for garbage. Your briefcase will quickly become a disorganized mess if you allow yourself to throw loose change, receipts and food wrappers in it. Take the time to keep it clean; you will only benefit from keeping your briefcase consistently tidy and garbage-free.

5. Avoid Sharp Objects with Tech

Your laptop or phone have sensitive screens that can be easily scratched by sharp objects. Make sure to pack tech into pockets that don't contain keys or pens, to ensure you don't accidentally damage your screens.

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