Best Monogrammed Work Bags for Women in 2023

by Albert Varkki updated 04-24-2023

best monogrammed work bags for women

You need a work bag that's both stylish and professional.

Adding a personalized touch like a monogram to it helps make it unique to you.

In this post, we go over our top picks for professional work bags that can be monogrammed:

Best Monogrammed Work Bags

Here are the best monogrammed work bags by type and style:

Best Designer Tote Bag

elegance leather laptop tote bag brown

Winner: Elegance Tote Bag

For those that prefer a tote style work bag, the Elegance is for you. The main compartment is fully zipped, ensuring your work items don't go anywhere on the move. It has a dedicated laptop compartment too, so you can take your tech with you. It's made from full grain leather, and can be monogrammed for a personal touch.


  • Full grain leather
  • Compartment for up to 14 inch laptop.
  • Spacious zipped main compartment
  • Internal pockets for essentials like your phone.
  • Reliable YKK zippers.
  • Durable cotton lining.
  • Available in brown, black, red, and tan.
  • Can be personalized.

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Best Designer Laptop Bag

city leather laptop bag womens

Winner: CITY Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

A classic leather laptop bag is a work essential, and the CITY bag is our favorite. It comes in a range of colors, all made from premium full grain leather, the best you can buy. It can be monogrammed with your initials, a message, or an image.


  • Full grain leather
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Fits up to a 15.6 inch laptop (also a 17 inch version here)
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Dedicated laptop compartment
  • Additional zipper pockets

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Best Small Leather Purse

isabella brown leather shoulder bag

Winner: Isabella Shoulder Bag

For a smaller purse, the Isabella is our choice. It has a slim profile that feels lightweight when you wear it, and the full grain leather feels really high quality. It can be monogrammed to make it a personal bag for you.


  • Full grain leather
  • Magnetic snap closure.
  • Two large internal pockets.
  • Internal zipped pocket.
  • Perfect for travel.
  • Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Durable cotton lining and YKK zippers.
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Can be personalized
  • Available in brown, tan, black, or red leather.

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Best Weekender Style Bag

leather weekender bag womens

Winner: Leather Weekender

If you prefer a weekend bag style work bag, then the Weekender is for you. It has a large main compartment for all your work essentials, as well as a dedicated laptop compartment to keep your tech safe. The detachable shoulder strap allows you to use it as both a messenger bag and a briefcase style bag. It can be monogrammed with your initials or a laser engraved message.


  • Full grain leather
  • Large main compartment for carrying lots of essentials.
  • Ideal for travel.
  • Carry-on bag size compliant.
  • Compartment for 16 inch laptop bag
  • Top handles and a detachable shoulder strap
  • Durable cotton lining
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Available in black, brown, tan, and red leather.

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Best Large Backpack

10x leather laptop backpack womens

Winner: 10X Leather Laptop Backpack

The 10X leather backpack is ideal if you want a larger work backpack that looks professional. It is a convertible backpack, which means it can be used as both a backpack and a messenger bag (using the detachable shoulder strap). It can be monogrammed with a message or your initials.


  • Full grain leather
  • Dedicated compartments, perfect for travel.
  • Can convert from backpack to shoulder bag for ease of access.
  • Top and side handles for when moving through airports.
  • Fits up to 15.6 inch laptop or tablet.
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Can be personalized
  • Available in brown, tan, black, or red leather.
  • Unisex.

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Best Small Backpack

prime large brown leather backpack

Winner: Prime Leather Backpack

The Prime backpack is an excellent work backpack, offering plenty of room for your work essentials as well as a dedicated laptop sleeve. It's available in a range of colors, but we love the tan version. The full grain leather is really high quality, and it can be monogrammed.


  • Full grain leather
  • 14 inch laptop sleeve.
  • Ideal for travel, and as a personal item.
  • Multiple front zipped compartments.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Durable cotton lining and YKK zippers.
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Can be personalized
  • Available in brown, tan, black, or red leather.

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Best Garment Work Bag

grand leather garment bag womens

Winner: Grand Leather Garment Bag

The Grand garment bag is ideal if you plan to take your work clothes with you, such as when you're going to the gym before work. Your garment is zipped into the bag itself, preventing any hard creases, and ensuring you look smart when you come to wear it. It can be monogrammed for a personal touch too.


  • Full grain leather
  • Dedicated garment carrier.
  • Carry a dress or garment without creasing.
  • Large main compartment for other items.
  • 16 inch laptop compartment.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Durable cotton lining and YKK zippers.
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Can be personalized

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The simple things can occasionally add to a more enjoyable day at work. Maybe it’s the prospect of a cappuccino from the neighborhood coffee shop, catching up with your coworker bestie, or grabbing your go-to bag before leaving. The most remarkable work bag may help you look and feel good from your commute to your desk since it offers that elusive balance of comfort, style, immaculate organization, and storage capacity.

What to Remember


Fabric may dramatically alter the shape and purpose of a bag. One of the strongest and lightest materials is nylon, which is also comparatively simple to clean. If you prefer a more professional-looking bag, stick with leather because it looks more casual than other materials. If you’re concerned about scratches or scuffs, go with pebbled leather.


The straps are the most crucial component of a bag. Make that the straps’ stitching appears secure and that they aren’t pulling excessively while supporting the bag’s weight. Skip the shoulder straps and tiny handles. And if your shoulders are still under too much strain, we advise using a backpack that disperses weight more equally.


Pockets are groundbreaking. Look for a bag with a laptop compartment if you carry a laptop or tablet to your work to keep it safe. When your luggage is packed with other items, measure and confirm that your device can fit inside. To keep certain goods safe inside and others close at hand, I like it when a bag offers various pockets, both on the inside and the outside of the bag. Look for either a zip-top or a button closure for an extra layer of protection so your items don’t fall out while you’re on the move.


What Type of Bag Is Most Suitable for Work?

Glad you want to know. There are totes, shoulder bags, and backpacks to choose from, but a smaller crossbody may suit you better if you’re a minimalist. It must have pockets and be available in a color that either complements all of your attire or contrasts attractively with everything you own, much like the best dresses. Of course, it must also not be offensive. Strong materials like leather and nylon are preferable as you will probably use them more frequently.

It seems virtually impossible to find something that meets these requirements without entirely depleting your savings, but we found many attractive, valuable solutions for around $300. Here are 24 of the best work bags for carrying all of your belongings back and forth.


What To Pack in a Work Bag?

It’s wise to keep things simple when preparing your work bag. The worst work bag is the one that is too heavy or too full, making it painful or uncomfortable for you to carry. Prioritize your essentials first, including your laptop, water bottle, workout attire, snacks, and other necessities. Then, depending on how much space is still available, add more.

When packing your luggage for work, in addition to the apparent personal stuff, we suggest bringing a journal for any leisure you have during the day or if you need five minutes to unwind.

How To Clean Your Bag?

Check the label of your bag for any specific cleaning recommendations before cleaning it. You can clean most nylon or synthetic leather bags with a warm, moist cloth and a light detergent or soap. After wiping off the soap with a second damp towel, dry the bag entirely with a third dry towel. Genuine leather can be difficult to clean, so we advise consulting an expert if you’re unsure.

What’s Vegan Leather?

There are numerous reasons why vegan leather is popular. Given their ideals, many people find it fascinating that it isn’t fundamentally animal-based. Additionally, it is resilient, waterproof, and generally scratch-proof.

What is it made of? Typically, it is constructed of plastic materials like PVC (polyvinyl chloride or vinyl) or PU (polyurethane). But with premium vegan leather, you won’t be able to distinguish between the real thing and the imitation.


How Can I Make My Bag Live Longer?

You’ll want to preserve your beloved bag as much as you can now that you have one. First and foremost, don’t hang your bags because doing so eventually erodes the straps. They should ideally be stored on a shelf in a dust bag with some stuffing inside to keep the shape. I like to stuff my bags with all the tissue paper that comes in packages because I do a lot of online shopping. Additionally, it would be best to keep your bags out of direct sunlight, which can damage the color of leather, and in a cool, dry location.


We hope you enjoyed our article on the best monogrammed work bags.

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