We've all seen them around town, and perhaps thought they didn't quite feel or look the part. After all, isn't a backpack meant for the hills and mountains? But many people do use them around town.

It's about comfort and convenience for many, and not about being fashionable. More and more people are deciding to choose convenience, and they are realizing they don't have to sacrifice anything on style.

IMGP1752Von Baer Liberty Leather Backpack

You can wear it to work. Yes, seriously.


In many cities these days, public transport is almost the only way to travel; and increasing numbers of people are deciding to walk or cycle. Keeping up a smart appearance is important in business, so if you choose the flexibility of a backpack, it's nice to know there are high-quality leather options available.

Moreover, “Backpacks you can take to the boardroom” is one of the key trends for the ’16 season.

What's the point of a backpack anyway?


What's it really for? Hikers and mountaineers have been using them for many years. You need to keep both hands free when climbing those mountains. In towns and cities, it's an obvious choice for cyclists, but what about commuting on foot?

The backpack keeps both of your hands free. So, you can carry an umbrella, and swap hands with ease. You can use your phone, eat a sandwich, or sip your coffee. All of these get a bit more awkward if you are carrying a briefcase in one hand already.

It can also be better for your back, as you are carrying the extra weight more centrally, rather than being off-balance with a case in one hand.

Vintage-Leather-Backpack-by-Von-BaerVon Baer Casual Vintage Backpack

Let's face it, when you buy a quality brand, leather just looks darn good.


Using leather for these bags helps to create a sharper style, and get away from the softer, more "slouchy" shapes of traditional backpacks.

We produce a beautiful range of leather backpacks for both men and women. The leather is a genuine timeless classic and looks great with almost any outfit. This is important with this kind of bag since you are wearing it more than carrying it.

Bags and cases used for business have moved away from the old hard-sided briefcases, in favour of laptop or "messenger" bags. These are more multi-purpose, and literally, more flexible. Now the move to the backpack keeps that idea of versatility, often with the addition of more space and more comfort. And getting a leather bag also gives you something very hard-wearing and weather resistant.

Your business partner.


The space and flexibility of the backpack mean you can accomplish many tasks in the day with just one bag. And if you make use of a Von Baer leather backpack, you have something which can carry some shopping, as well as being suitable for business meetings. This makes a leather backpack an ideal choice for a short business trip.

Backpacks give the wearer more freedom of movement, and also more freedom in what they carry. Being able to combine all these benefits with the beautiful leather construction is really the icing on the cake.

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