Top Leather Backpack Brands Compared – Based on USA Popularity

by Albert Varkki updated 07-07-2023

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Best Leather Laptop Brands

When you’re chasing down the perfect backpack, popular brands are usually the first thing you tend to think about. Do you go sporty or casual? Leather or synthetic? Punk or posh? To help your hunt get underway in the right direction, in this post we’ll be highlighting some of the best backpack brands in the market and let you know exactly what their best for. If you want a backpack that is definitely the best at something, these are some of the top brands you’re gonna wanna check out first.

The Best Brand For Quality

The Saddleback Leather Co offers a limited but attractive range of leather bags and accessories. Their range includes everything from backpacks to duffle bags. Every item comes with a 100 year guarantee which shows you how confident they are in the quality of their designs. Many of the bags have a vintage feel about them with a 70s or 80 vibe. This brand specialize in real leather bags so it's great for anyone looking for durability and the style that comes from genuine animal leather. Not a fan of the real thing? The other options detailed below might be a little more up your street.

The Best Brand For Eco Friendly Designs

Anyone that cares about eco friendly fashion will have heard of Matt & Nat and is bound to be fairly familiar with this popular brands ranking in the field of sustainable fashion. These brands are dedicated to vegan leather and recycled materials but still put huge emphasis on designing pieces that look just as stunning as the real thing. This ethos leads to marketing sustainable items that are as attractive as they are good for the planet. If you want to avoid certain materials and embrace sustainability, this is a great place to find a huge variety of some of the most environmentally friendly backpacks in the world right now! They design bags for both men and women so are definitely worth a look!

The Most Popular Backpack Brand In The US

Herschel has been around forever! No matter what trend and fashions pass by, this popular brand still remains one of the leading leather and travel accessory leaders in the market. Their expansive range includes both own brand and featured partner designer brands.The backpack collection is enormous which is perfect for shoppers who like a wide selection to search through. Whether you're looking for something contemporary or perhaps a design with a bit more of a historical or vintage edge, this is at the top of most people's list for places to check out first.

These are our picks! Our own range of leather bags features designs that are suitable for both work and play! We hope you’ve found this quick comparison helpful in landing the ideal backpack for your daily exploits! Think we’ve missed an entry? Feel free to let us know in the comments below of there are any brands you think should be mentioned!

Top Leather Backpack Brands

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