The Best Leather Bags for Lawyers and Professionals

by Albert Varkki updated 07-07-2023

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The Best Leather Bags For Lawyers And Modern Professionals

Whether you work in law or any other research based profession, the files and personal items you carry with you are of the utmost importance and so deserve the utmost care. When plastic doesn't cut it and metal just isn't cool, real leather remains the prime choice for pro’s that want strength, mobility and drop dead gorgeous design. In this article we’ll be taking a look at a few of the best leather bags that are perfectly suited for lawyers and modern professionals who’s daily lives involve frequent travel with vital documents, laptops and other essentials. Let’s start with:

The Magnate Briefcase

Best Leather Bag For Lawyers

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This briefcase offers the perfect blend of practicality and beauty. It's made from full grain buffalo leather and has been designed to offer bearers spacious interior sleeves and multiple zipped pockets including a double sided zip along the top of the main compartment. It will be loved by those who need to keep all essentials organized and well protected. Along with its exceptional storage options, the Magnet also looks simply incredible. It’s design is very classical in nature and possesses an aesthetic that says you work like a beast but also still care about looking top notch!

The Master No.1 Briefcase

briefcase for lawyers
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Sometimes the most conventional designs just work. If you think your style is more about elegance and simplicity, the Master No.1 has been carefully designed to offer an utterly timeless and effortless appeal. This vintage inspired case takes influence from the tried and tested but features modern touches to make it a handsome choice for the sensible yet progressive professionals. It’s the perfect shape for stacks of paper as well as mobile technology while elegant and light enough to be incredibly comfortable for everyday use. As they say, “if it ain't broke”.

The Abramovich Briefcase

leather laptop bag for lawyers

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The Abramovich is made from lusciously soft buffalo leather and perfectly compliments the contemporary professional. It is medium sized which means a good balance between capacity and a practical sizing, its smooth elegant surface is a delight to the touch and it has a style that fits both business and casual settings. This men's leather bag reflects the middle ground between fashion and functionality, with a handy combination of carefully placed interior compartments and looks that can kill.

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