8 Expert Tips to Buying the Best Men’s Leather Bag

by Albert Varkki updated 06-02-2023

Do you want to make sure you get a product that is worth your money the most? Considering the fact that there are tons of different types of bags on the market, the choice can be hard indeed.

Leather bag is a highly important accessory and it communicates a lot about its owner.

A well-built men's leather briefcase or laptop bag will immediately add class to your style and will upgrade your wardrobe.

So, how to choose the right type of laptop bag or briefcase to keep your everyday professional items like laptop, tablet and notebooks safe, while not sacrificing your style?

Tips to Buying the Best Men's Leather Bag

1. Your budget

How much are you willing to pay for your new ‘business partner’? A quality piece from a famous brand can cost you a couple of thousands dollars or euros. On the other side, there are some luxury brands, which offer top quality bags and briefcases at reasonable prices.

2. Machine made vs handmade

Most of the bags on the market are produced by machines or mechanical devices. This way of production cannot deliver diligent attention to the details, but is certainly the most effective way to produce the items that do the job. Some of the high-end brands create their products hand-made and so do we. It demands the work of highly skilled craftsmen and takes a lot more time. Yet, the huge focus on attention to the details, design, materials and stitching results in the best possible product. Two handmade items are never 100% identical. Thus, every owner of a handmade item has the unique product.

3. Go for leather

If produced well, it will last forever. Choose the right leather and do not forget to take care of it.

How to pick the perfect leather bag

4. Leather Grade (for leather lovers)

Full grain leather is the best grade of leather, as it is the most durable.

5. Check of the inside of the bag

  1. Does it have high-quality fabric lining or cheap material?
  2. Does it have enough additional pockets?
  3. If you need a dedicated laptop compartment, does it have it?
  4. Keep in mind that stitching of a quality bag is always consistent.

Tips For Buying A Quality Briefcase

6. Durable straps and handles

Thick leather ones will do a great job. Cheap materials lose suppleness after a couple of months of use.

Things To Look Out For BEFORE Buying A Leather Bag

7. Size matters

Pick an easy-to-carry one with plenty of space for the items you need to be with you during your busy days. Before buying the bag, check if its size is suitable for your laptop.

Guide To Buying The Perfect Bag

8. Style

While brown provides a casual look, darker tones are usually considered conservative and will reflect a more formal look.

Author: Albert Varkki
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