How to Burnish Leather? The Ultimate Leather Finishing Guide!

by Albert Varkki updated 07-07-2023

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How To Burnish Leather

How to Burnish Leather, Ultimate Leather Finishing Guide

If you want to burnish your leather items without having to go out and buy advanced tools, this is the place to find out how. In this article we’re going to explain step by step how you can apply the perfect finish to your leather edges without tools using a simple solution. All you need to complete this process is a little bit of water and a hard but smooth object (any hard plastic sheet with a smooth surface will do).

  1. Wet The Edges

To begin, wet the edges of your leather. You should be doing this with water that is untampered and has no additives or impurities. This process should work for a variety of leather items and can be completed without gum or any other dremel tools. You can always try using these tools in the following process to gain more effective results if the following steps don't work to your satisfaction.

  1. Rub The Wet Edges With Your Smooth Surface

Once the edge is wet, you can start to rub it down. You need to apply strokes in a straight motion. Try not to rub in a circular motion as this won't work as effectively. You should notice as soon as you start brushing that the edge becomes more slick in the way it feels and looks.

  1. Let The Leather Dry

Once you have given the edge a good smooth down, you should let it dry. Place the item in a dry warm area that receives indirect natural sunlight. You should never try and dry leather items with direct sunlight as this can damage the color quite severely. The burnishing effect should take place as the leather becomes dry again.

  1. Apply A Finish Solution

If you have a simple Way recipe or leather cream you can rub a light coating into the leather to help protect the finish. A very basic Way recipe consists of pure beeswax and extra virgin olive oil. Apply it with the same motion as you did for the burnishing to achieve best results.

We hope you have found this guide useful. Please feel free to get in touch with our highly experienced team should you need more advice on caring for your leather product.

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