How Newly Qualified Lawyers Can Dress To Impress

How Newly Qualified Lawyers Can Dress To Impress


Just passed the bar or on your way to a new firm? We understand that becoming a lawyer means certain things.

Firstly, it means starting at the bottom of the pecking order.

Secondly, it means having to fit in without having any real wins under your belt yet. A huge part of communicating your ability, making vital first impressions and blending in with those you mean to emulate, comes down largely to how you dress and come across to others.

We get it, you have to look the part so that you have the confidence to play it! Here, we’ll throw you a few ideas that lawyers-to-be can consider when looking for clothes and accessories that say “I’m here and I’m ready to kick some!”.

Simple And Conservative Is The Way To Go

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When you’re first starting out, you want your talent to be at the forefront, not your bizarre fashion sense. So keeping things simple and neutral is key.

    • Choose conservative pieces like unpatterned suits or sheath dresses, and make sure your shoes are always in pristine condition.
    • Keep jewelry and accessories simple and not glaring.
    • It’s always important to keep your jacket or top on to cover your arms when you meet clients or have meetings.

    Your first years in a firm are all about jostling for position and making a mark for the right reasons.

    Once you’ve established yourself as a clever and capable asset, you can then start to be more daring with the way you dress.

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