A briefcase is a business attire essential. But because it’s such a classic bag there are some styles that can look a little bit outdated. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 5 best modern briefcases to keep you smart but fashionable in your next business meeting. No more hard boxy shells or outdated colours, these contemporary business briefcases have been designed with a sleeker, more sophisticated finish to display both edge and professionalism. Browse our top 5 below.

1. Executive Leather Laptop Case

For a handheld or under the arm carry case of sleek design and robust materials, this case is for you. This allows you to store your meeting notes or laptop professionally, with a smooth edge that's contemporary in feel and finish. Available online, priced at £179

2. Master No.1 Men’s Leather Briefcase

The highest grade buffalo leather adds thickness to this briefcase, providing a practical and stylish way for you to store your business essentials. It includes a polished leather handle, and smooth bronze metal work. Available online, priced at £399

3. Oligarch Buffalo Leather Briefcase

For those where only winning will do, there is the Oligarch briefcase. Square edges make it more professional than the master above, but the added thickness in the compartments and superior finish make it a far more modern briefcase that you will love. Available online, priced at £449.

4. Abramovich Leather Laptop Bag

This smart yet unstructured briefcase is the perfect cross between smart and modern style. It's available in solid brown or elegance black leather finishes. The handle allows it to be used as a messenger bag too. Available online, priced £255.

5. Business City Leather Laptop Bag

For a larger, more practical bag to take around the city, there is this brilliant laptop bag briefcase. The modern light brown colour will stand out among a sea of boring business bags, providing style and practicality. Available online, priced £269.

Why Leather Is Important for a Modern Briefcase

Although you may be considering buying other materials for your new briefcase, there is a reason why leather briefcases are best. Unlike modern fabrics, leather has been considered smart and professional for years, and although styles of bag chance slightly over time, the chances of a leather briefcase being fashionable for many years is far greater than a modern alternative. Funky fabrics may be fashionable right now, but they won't be like that forever. Shop other high quality buffalo leather bags online from Von Baer.

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