You need a leather laptop bag. Not only that - you need the PERFECT leather laptop bag for you!

You either already had one and it fell apart or you’ve never had one and you’ve decided that now’s the time for you to get one.

Either way - now you’re faced with a difficult question: how do you pick the perfect new leather laptop bag for you?

That’s a really hard question but we’ve decided to help you out!

city leather laptop bag brown

1. Pick a Bag Designed for Your Tech

When starting out on your journey you need to know the destination.

More than likely you’re going to be looking for a bag that can fit your laptop (although you may just want one for textbooks and style, which is understandable).

The question now becomes - what else are you looking for?

Do you want to impress that cute girl you see on the bus on the way to work every day?

Do you want to also have pockets to hold some gadgets and small accessories so you don’t have to stuff your pockets like Christmas stockings?

Or maybe you just want a leather bag that you can carry your laptop in?

In any case, make sure you know what you’re looking for before you start searching!

Knowing what you’re looking for can save you heaps of time, energy, headaches and frustration, and it can also help you pick that ideal leather laptop bag!

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elegant laptop bag brown leather

2. Style of Bag

You want to be seen.

You want to be heard.

You want to make a statement.

This is arguably one of the main reasons you want a leather laptop bag and not just a regular ol’ laptop bag.

Maybe you’re trying to look professional but also stylish at work.

Maybe you’re really crushing on that girl you see on the bus every few days.

Whatever the case, you want style! You want the best-looking leather laptop bag on the face of the planet!

So the 2 things you should be looking out for here are colour and matching.

First off - colour. Darker colours scream “serious” and “sophisticated” whereas brighter colours scream “fun” and “adventurous”.

Just check out our Essential Modern Briefcase in dark and light colours and you’ll immediately see the difference.

And second off - matching. How well you match your leather bag with the rest of your outfit is crucial.

The better you match your bag with your outfit the better you’re going to look overall!

essential modern leather laptop bag brown

3. Laptop Bag Features

The third and final tip we have for you is to also think about utility when picking your laptop bag.

Obviously, you’re going to put a laptop in there - but the question is: “What else?”

Because if there are no inside pockets, throwing more stuff in with your laptop is just a disaster waiting to happen!

Consider the number, size and layout of pockets inside your potential new leather laptop bag!

To better understand what we mean check out our 10X Tech Laptop Travel Bag. It’s a prime example of what to look for in terms of utility.

Take into account everything you might throw in there and try to have a pocket for it or else it might damage your tech.

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Wrapping It Up

And there you have it - those are the top 3 tips for picking the perfect leather laptop bag!

  • Always pick with purpose
  • Always search for style
  • And always keep an eye out for utility

Thank you for reading and if you enjoyed this, feel free to check out some of our other helpful articles:

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