Business trips can be difficult and time consuming. From the early stages to getting to grips with the unknown places, as well as knowing what to put in your laptop bag or travel bag and what to wear. On a typical business trip, not only will you need your important papers, your mobile phone and laptop, but also those stunning clothes of yours to get the results you need on your business meetings. To help you on your next trip, we have written down the most crucial, time-saving and helpful tips so you will have a tremendously successful experience.

  1. Dress to impress, yet be sure to feel comfortable during the entire trip.
  2. Never pack heavily, instead try to utilise as much hand luggage as you can.
  3. Pack your bag sensibly: always place your shoes at the bottom and to make the most of the space available, you can also fill the free space with essential items like socks, underwear and ties etc.
  4. Keep your in-flight essentials like your mobile, kindle, magazine/newspaper at the top of the bag to avoid rummaging during the flight. A spacious leather laptop bag will be perfect.
  5. Luggage: the quality full-grain London leather travel bag is the best choice you can make for your business trips: leather is durable, looks great and gives people the right impression, that you are serious and business-minded.
  6. Liquids: if something gets damaged, it will definitely get all over your bag! So always be sure that all your liquids are separated from the rest of your stuff.
  7. Don't overpack, otherwise you will have a hard time closing your bags if chosen for inspection.

We firmly believe that each business trip should definitely be an enjoyable and exciting experience that greatly advances your knowledge and brings you closer to your ultimate goals.

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