Cute leather backpacks for travel or school | small in black or brown

by Albert Varkki updated 01-05-2023

Cute Leather Backpacks for Women

On the hunt for a nibble little bag to accompany you through your busiest days? That said, are we really ever not on hunt for a cute bag? Here, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most adorable rucksacks in our range of genuine leather bags. Take a quick peek though these precious beauties to see if any look like Mrs right!

cute Von Baer leather backpack carried by woman

The Minerva leather backpack

The Minerva is one of the smallest and cutest bags in our collection. It’s shown above in brown but is also available in black! It has a retro satchel style design and is just perfect for women on the hunt for something that’s both mini in size and more than strong enough to accompany you on your many travels. It’s simple elegant design also makes it a great option if your looking for affordability as well as a timeless look that not going out of fashion anytime soon. Couldn't you just pinch it!

large capacity leather backapack

The Prime Backpack

The Prime backpack is made from real full grain Calfskin leather and offers a larger capacity than the Minerva above. Its shape and durability make it ideal as a cozy bookbag or a handy work buddy. Plan on traveling with a laptop a lot of the time? This backpacks largest compartment has been carefully sized to fit a wide range of mobile devices, so you're all set!

von baer liberty backpack

The Liberty Backpack

This one’s for ladies looking for something a bit larger. The Liberty gives you a generous main compartment that’s handy for books as well as your laptop, multiple zipped compartments for loose items and more than its fair share of chicness! Sometimes you just can't beat the classic backpack shape. Whether you’re hiking up a mountain or simply trotting between classes, this durable bag will never quit on you. Dainty enough to be draped over your shoulder without cramping your style, but large enough to get some serious work done. For kicking butt and taking names, this one’s one heck of a safe bet.

We hope this quick list has been helpful! All of our bags are designed to be utterly timeless as well as stay strong and reliable for decades into the future. Whether you need a trusty little backpack for work or play, these three pieces are built to get you through with flying colors.

Author: Albert Varkki
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