Trendy Leather Backpacks

When it comes to everyday travel or even the work commute, the trusty backpack remains one of the most useful and versatile styles of bag you could hope for. Finding a design that ticks all the right boxes including killer looks can be a mission, so in this piece we’re going to highlight 4 key features that no leather backpack should miss out on.

Vital features That All Trendy Leather Backpacks Should Have

Trendy Leather Backpacks

The liberty backpack by Von Baer

  1. It Needs To Be Made From Real Premium Leather

There’s a huge difference between fake alternatives and the real thing. Firstly, genuine leather looks so much more authentic and full of character. Anyone with a keen eye will be able to tell the difference without breaking a sweat. We use full grain Calfskin Leather in black or brown for many of our rucksack designs which ensures the bag is incredibly durable while also feeling grand and very pleasant to the touch. If it feels even a little like plastic, drop it like a bad habit!

  1. Suitable For Work And Play

It’s a bit of a bummer having to buy two backpacks with the same functionality just so that you have one smart looking piece for business and another that’s more exciting for your personal exploits. Our backpacks are designed to look fantastic for both worlds! Whether you're heading to the office or the gym, both men and women alike will appreciate our versatile designs that look great no matter what setting you’re heading for!     

 practical leather backpack


The Prime backpack by Von Baer

  1. It Needs Multiple Sleeves For Keeping Things Organized

We all know how frustrating it can be to have to rifle through your bag looking for a particular item that’s buried below a mish-mash pile of all your other stuff. This tends to happen when an overly simple bag offers only one compartment or nowhere near enough inner pockets. The best backpacks bring you ample storage options like our Prime design shown above. A zipper for loose items and an assortment of sleeves carefully sized to fit your array of professional and personal essentials all neat and cozy! Less fuss and much less frantic digging!

  1. Reinforced Comfortable Straps

No bag can be considered trendy if it's falling apart. Whether you’re using your backpack for work or fun, one of the most vital factors you need to consider is lifespan. Backpacks should be designed to take a beating and then some, which is why all of our bags come with plush sturdy handles ensuring a comfortable grip for years into the future! Winning!

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